E-Way Bills Blocking & Unblocking – Everything you need to know


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Eway Bill Blocking &Amp; Unblocking

Lately, the Government of India has introduced a drastic change in its E-way bill generation mechanism on its E-way bill portal. It blocks the facility for those taxpayers who failed to file their tax returns for the last two months. Thus, if you fail to file your tax returns for two or more months continuously, you will not be able to generate your E-way bill. This prevents the movement of consignments that involve the transportation of goods from one place to the other. And it causes a standstill. The E-way bill gets unblocked automatically when you file your GSTR-3B. And you can generate an E-way bill from the next day.

The government introduced this change to identify tax defaulters and force them to comply with the rule. The recent increase in the number of tax defaulters prompted the government to take such action.

What is an E-way bill?

E-way bill is a unique number that identifies consignments involved in the transportation of goods. This is a must for a consignment for the dispatch of goods.

What happens when the E-way bill is blocked?

If your E-way bill is blocked, you will come across either of the two following scenarios:

  1. Every time you try to generate an E-way bill, you receive a popup informing that it has been blocked.
  2. If a tax-payer keys the same GSTIN as another party, the person too will receive the same notification.

Unblocking the E-way bill

As mentioned above, the best way to unblock your E-way bill is to file all your GST returns. Follow the steps given below if you want to generate an E-way bill immediately after filing your returns:

  1. Visit the E-way bill website – https://ewaybill.nic.in/
  2. There, choose the option “search update blocked status.”
  3. Key in your GSTIN, solve the captcha code and click go.
  4. Go to the GST common portal. Click “update unblocks status”. This will come up with information on your recent filing.

If this guide fails to work, you may contact the GSTIN help desk.

In the past, the jurisdictional officer had the authority to unblock E-way bill upon the manual representation of the taxpayer. It was also possible to do the same online. The taxpayer had to give a sufficient reason for not filing the GST returns. The online facility is not operational at present.

Extension of E-way bill validity

As of 3rd April 2020, the validity of the E-way bill extended till 30th April 2020, if the e-way bill expires between 20th March 2020 and 15th April 2020.

Further, the CBIC’s notification of extended time limit up to 30th June 2020 for any compliance falling due between 20th March 2020 and 29th June 2020 does not apply to the generation of e-way bills after 15th April 2020.

How the move impacts taxpayers

The move will not have any impact on transporters registered with the E-way portal but not on the GST website. They don’t have to file GTR3B returns. If the GST Identification number registered under the GST portal is blocked, that number becomes useless. The situation remains the same for Consignor, Consignee or transporter trying to generate an E-way bill or wanting to update his details.

If the E-way bill is generated before getting blocked, the transporter may update his details. He can also carry the extended validity of his E-way bill.

Impact on taxpayers

Dispatching consignment without an E-way bill is against the law as per the provisions of the GST. Such an instance will create a situation where you may be prevented from dispatching consignments. Dispatching consignments without E-way bill also gives the right to the authorities to accuse you of tax evasion. They may levy a fine equal to the tax amount in such an instance. Such consignments may even be seized. They will be released immediately upon filing the tax returns. You may also have to pay the penalty the concerned officer may require. Furthermore, absence of an E-way bill may interrupt your business’s day-to-day activities.

Government, as mentioned above, introduced this mechanism to ensure compliance to the GST laws.

Make sure that you file your tax returns on time. This will not only ensure smooth operation of your business, but also improve your revenue from GST.

Updating E-way unblock status from the common GST website

As per the provisions of GST, a taxpayer can update his transporter details using his previously generated and valid E-way bills. If the taxpayer desires to generate an E-way bill immediately upon filing tax returns, he can do it through the common GST portal.

  1. Visit the E-way bill official portal – https://ewaybill.nic.in/Others/GstnIsBlock.aspx
  2. Click “search update unblocks status”.
  3. Type in your GST identification number and see the status.
  4. If it is showing “blocked,” the taxpayer can click the
    “update” option and see the latest status of his tax return filing.
  5. If the system still shows it as blocked, you may contact customer care and register a complaint.

E-Way Bills Blocking & Unblocking FAQs:

1. How can I unblock my E-way bill if it gets blocked for any reason?

Once you file all your GST returns, your E-way bill gets unblocked automatically. And you will be able to generate E-way bills. Follow the steps given above if you want to do it manually.

2. How to submit an application to unblock my E-way bill generation services?

Submit a request manually to the concerned officer. Explain the reason why your E-way bill generation service should be unblocked. Don’t forget to submit the required documents. It should be submitted to your jurisdictional tax officer. Upon receiving the request, the officer will proceed it through the GST back-office portal. And the person will issue an order accordingly.

3. Where can I see the status of my jurisdictional tax officer’s order online?

The taxpayer receives a notification on his registered mobile number or email informing him/her on the acceptance or rejection of the request to unblock E-way bill facility. The person can also log-in to the GST portal and view the same.

4. How long is the order unblocking E-way bill facility is valid?

The order is valid until the time indicated by the officer.

5. How will I know if my E-way bill generation facility is blocked?

You will receive a notification on your phone when your E-way bill generation facility is blocked. Furthermore, you will not be able to generate the same using your GSTIN.

6. How will I know if the tax officer has taken any action upon my request to unblock E-way bill generation facility?

You receive a notification both on your phone and as an email upon issuance of an order. This remains the same both for acceptance or rejection of your request to unblock your E-way bill generating facility. A copy of the order will be available online. The taxpayer can log-in to download it.

7. Will I receive any notification when the validity of my E-way unblocking order is about to expire?

Yes, GST portal will notify you of the same, both as an email and as an SMS. You will receive the notification before seven days of the expiry of your E-way bill unblocking order.

8. Will my E-way bill generation facility be blocked before the expiry date?

No. Your E-way bill facility will not be blocked before the expiry date. But the GST portal will automatically block the service upon expiry of the validity.

9. What will happen if a taxpayer fails to fill part B of the E-way bill?

Part B is an important part of a E-way bill. Filling it is a must for the transportation of goods. If it is not duly filled, the printout of the bill will become invalid.

10. Is Part B is a legal mandate for a E-way bill?

Yes. Filling up part B is a legal mandate for generating E-way bill. If not done, the process becomes invalid.
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