Instant PAN Card through Aadhaar – How to apply for instant PAN?


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Instant Pan Card Through Aadhaar

This year income tax department has generated a facility where one can apply for instant PAN if done through Aadhaar. This is an absolutely a free facility, and this can be availed by anyone in the Income Tax official website. A paperless procedure, Aadhaar card will be issued through e-PAN system where the e-PAN holds similar importance just like physical PAN card. The e-PAN has a QR code in it which has the complete information of the holder of the card. There is Name of the holder, Date Of birth of the holder, guardian’s name and also the biometric system. For getting the instant PAN card one needs to have an Aadhaar card and a mobile number that is linked with it. With this facility PAN card will ease the situation much more. With the current Budget 2020 emergence one can issue the online PAN card instantly via online.

What to do understand by Aadhaar based on PAN card?

The system of Aadhaar based on instant PAN Service is to generate the PAN time faster than needed. One can put the Aadhaar number issued by UIDAI and this number of Aadhaar will not be lined with any PAN statement. As the Aadhaar will be submitted, all the details of the customer as in e-KYC will be totally verified alongwith UIDAI and also the database of Income Tax. This will help to issue the Instant Pan card to the customer.

With the PAN card generation done through electronic format one can get the instant e-PAN details and if the Aadhaar is connected with an e-mail ID one will get notified about the same in the same. This facility given to the customers is absolutely a free facility and is available on portal of e-filing of the Income tax.

What are the prerequisites to use this facility?

There are very normal prerequisites which a person has to follow to get this facility for oneself. Here are the details-

  1. One who is the applicant should have a valid Aadhaar system that is not at all linked to any other PAN card.
  2. A valid mobile number shall be there which will be registered with the Aadhaar card.
  3. Absolutely a paperless process the applicants are not needed to submit or upload any of their documents.
  4. There should be no other PAN registered with the applicant.

How can one apply for the Instant PAN card?

For applying for the system of Instant PAN, there is a step by step procedure that one should follow in detail. Applying this after maintaining the process will help in generating the PAN faster-

  1. One should visit the e-filing website related to the income tax department –
  2. There is a left navigation that will give you the link of Instant PAN done through Aadhaar.
  3. A next screen will appear which will give you the link- Get a New PAN system.
  4. The applicant should fill all the details of his Aadhaar in the blank space that is provided. Then a captcha is there where you need to fill the captcha details and by clicking on the checkbox, you confirm about all your details.
  5. Immediately an OTP will be generated on the Aadhaar mobile linked number. As you validate the OTP by submitting it on the text box, it will get submitted in the webpage.
  6. All the Aadhaar details will be validated in the webpage, and as you enter your email ID, the details will be re-validated again.
  7. As you finally submit the details, an acknowledgement number will be given which the applicant needs to save for any future reference.
  8. All these acknowledgement number will be sent to the linked mobile number in the email address for using it where needed.

How one should download the PAN Card?

Downloading the PAN card is much easier process if all the details that are being submitted are valid. Here are the steps through which one should download the PAN card from the official website of Income tax-

  1. In order to download the PAN, the applicant should go to the official website of the e-filing website of the Income Tax department –
  2. There is a left navigation that will give you the link of Instant PAN done through Aadhaar.
  3. A link will appear which will ask the applicant to click on the link-Check Status/Download PAN.
  4. Enter the valid Aadhaar number in the blank space alongwith the captcha code. Click onto the submit button which will generate the OTP sent to the mobile number linked with Aadhaar number.
  5. OTP needs to be validated and thus, you need to enter it on the link. On the next page in the screen, check the status of application added with information and you will get the details of whether PAN is allotted or not.
  6. If the PAN is allotted, by clicking on the download link, the applicant will get a copy of the PDF of e-PAN.
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Changes in GST 2020 FAQs:

1. How often should you file GST?

Returns should be filed every month except for those whose turnover in previous financial year was less than 5 crores. They should file quarterly. However, they should pay tax every month

2. Who is a small taxpayer?

Taxpayers whose revenue in the previous financial year is less than 5 crores, as opposed to 1.5 crores in the earlier system

3. What are the return forms to be filed?

There is a main return form called the GST RET1 which has two annexures namely ANX1 and ANX2

4. How to claim ITC?

ITC can be claimed basis the supplier’s invoice

5. How to upload missing invoice?

It can be uploaded by filing a form called Amendment Return. Amendments can also be made the same way

6. Where to apply for the PAN?

One can apply for the PAN in official Income Tax department website.

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