How to Modify, Reject, and Cancel E-Way Bills


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Know How To Modify Reject And Cancel E Way Bills Under Gst

What are E-way bills?

As of March 1st, 2018, the Government of India introduced a new amendment in the GST taxation process- the commencement of e-way bills. E-way bill is the shorthand form of its expansion- electronic waybill.

When an individual/organization who is registered under GST rules and regulations needs to abide by the method of e-way bill generation. If the individual/organization is transporting freight or product through a vehicle from a certain starting point to a specific destination, they have to carry the supporting documents like the product invoice, delivery challan, and other necessary bills. If the price of the product exceeds a certain specified amount which has been determined by the Government of India to be Rs. 50,000, they have to generate an e-way bill.

Where can I generate my e-way bill?

All e-way bills generated within the country must be registered with the Government of India’s official e-way bill generation website- Once the individual or the organization has generated the e-way bill, they receive a unique 12-digit code called the EBN (E-way Bill Number). 

This EBN code must be shared with the parties involved in the transport of the freight like- the supplier, the transporter, and the receiver.

Other ways of generating an e-way bill:

  • Yes. The Government of India has launched an application that specifically caters to such bill generation needs. One can make use of the app and generate the e-way bill.
  • It is also possible to generate the EBN code through SMS services. But it must be noted that it could be successfully generated only by using the registered mobile number.

Exceptions to generating e-way bills:

There are certain cases under Rule 138 of CGST. Some are-

  • Goods transit to Nepal and Bhutan.
  • Transport of exempted goods.
  • Transportation by rail services.
  • Transport of unoccupied cargo containers.
  • Movement of goods and consignments for the Ministry of Defense.
  • Non-motorized transportation

What are RFIDs?

RFIDs are devices that are used to identify objects through radio wave frequencies. It stands for Radio Frequency Identification Device.

How are they connected with e-way bills?

The RFID tags are embedded in transport vehicles by the authority of India. This tag will be read by a scanner or reader at checkpoints throughout the route and it will extract the necessary information.

By doing so, the vehicle need not be stopped at regular intervals at checkpoints to verify documents like e-way bills, challans, invoices, and taxation documents. All these documents will be pre-fed in the system database which can be easily accessed by scanning the RFID tag.

Advantages of e-way bills:

  • They help in a paperless, hassle-free movement of goods through the nation’s landscape.
  • It can drastically reduce the freight cost and cost of transportation.
  • It helps the transporters to move the consignment without having to halt at checkpoints for document verification.
  • According to the Government of India, on complying with the e-way bill norms, the transporter gains the advantage of the ability to lodge a complaint in case the vehicle has been detained for over 30 minutes.

How to update details in the e-way bill?

Over the course of time, one might be in need of updating certain details in his/her e-way bill. This can be easily done with the help of the website as stated above. Depending upon the piece of information that one needs to update, different methods are followed. Some of them are-

  • Updating vehicle number:
    • The first step that should be taken for vehicle number update initialization is, logging into your e-way bill portal account by entering the necessary correct details.
    • The next step is to click on the ‘Update Vehicle Number’ sub-option under the ‘e-Waybill’ option that is located on the left-hand side of the dashboard.
    • In order to successfully update your vehicle number, you have to submit proof like your e-way bill number or your generated date by clicking on one of these options that pop up on the page.
    • Once you have proven your identity, you can move on to updating your vehicle number.
    • You have to specify your place information, your reason for updating the vehicle number, and remarks if any in the menu, and click submit.
    • Your vehicle number will be updated and it will appear so in your next bill generation.
  • Updating transporter ID:
    • The first step that should be taken for transporter ID update initialization is, logging into your e-way bill portal account by entering the necessary correct details.  
    • The next step is to click the ‘Update EWB Transporter’ sub-option under ‘e-Waybill’ option located on the left-hand side panel of the dashboard.
    • Enter your e-way bill number and click ‘go’.
    • Then enter your transporter ID and click on submit.
    • Your transporter ID will be updated and it will appear so in your next bill generation.

How to reject e-way bills?

There might arise certain situations wherein one might be forced to reject the e-way bills. An example of such a situation might be the delay caused by the transporter’s end which forces the receiver to cancel the consignment. Under such circumstances, one may resort to the official website to reject the e-way bill that has been billed under their name.

Steps to be followed:

  1. The first step that should be taken for rejecting your e-way bill is, logging into your e-way bill portal account by entering the necessary correct details.    
  2. Click on the menu dropdown option present in the dashboard and select the ‘reject’ option.
  3. Enter the date of e-way bill generation.
  4. After clicking submit, you will be presented with the list of e-way bills generated on the specified date. 
  5. Select the e-way bill that you want to reject. In doing so, your e-way bill will be successfully rejected.

How to cancel your e-way bill?

The key difference between rejecting and canceling an e-way bill is that an e-way bill can be rejected by the receiver and an e-way bill can be canceled by the sender. The latter might be due to several reasons like cancellation of orders, inconvenient weather conditions, etc.

The following steps can be taken to cancel an e-way bill:

  1. The first step that should be taken for canceling your e-way bill is, logging into your e-way bill portal account by entering the necessary correct details.      
  2. The next step is to select ‘e-way bill’ / ‘Consolidated EWB’. From that option click on ‘Cancel’.
  3. Enter the correct e-way bill number that you wish to cancel.
  4. Submit your reason for canceling your e-way bill.
  5. Once you’ve completed these steps, your e-way bill will be successfully canceled.

How to Modify, Reject, and Cancel E-Way Bills FAQs:

1. I have registered my phone number for generating my e-way bill. But I haven’t received an OTP. What should I do?

The most common mistake might be the incorrect phone number that you’ve entered. Re-check the number. If the problem persists, check with your service provider. In case neither of these works, check your email. An OTP will be sent to your registered mail ID as well.

2. Should the transporters register in the e-way bill portal?

Yes. If the transporters have not yet registered under the Goods and Services Tax Act of India, they have to register themselves in the e-way bill system.

3. Will the transporter receive any codes?

Yes. The transporter will receive a unique 15-digit code called the TRANSIN. This code must be shared by the transporter to the sender for the successful generation of an e-way bill under their names.

4. Why is my account blocked?

Your account might be blocked if you’ve entered your login details incorrectly for 5 consecutive times. This is a security protocol to protect your details and safeguard your e-way bills’ details. You can access your account after some time by entering in the correct login details.

5. How long is an e-way bill valid?

The validity of your e-way bill depends upon the distance it takes for the transport of freight. For every 100 kilometers, one-day validity has been provided.

6. Are RFIDs safe to use?

RFIDs are devices that are used to identify objects through radio wave frequencies. It stands for Radio Frequency Identification Device. They are completely and it provides a paperless documentation verification that benefits both the parties.

7. Can I reject an e-way bill that was falsely billed under my name?

Yes, one can reject e-way bills that have been generated by the sender under the receiver’s name due to multiple reasons.

8. How can I verify my e-way bill’s authenticity?

One can easily verify the authenticity of the e-way bill by entering EWB Date, EWB No, Doc No, and Generator ID in the search option of the e-way bill portal.

9. Can I extend my e-way bill validity?

Yes, one can extend the e-way bill’s validity. The transporter needs to specify the reason for the delay in submission of consignment in the portal after entering the necessary details.

10. Can I cancel my e-way bill after 48 hours of generation?

No, the e-way bill cannot be canceled after 48 hours of generation, it should be within 24 hours from the time of generation.

11. Is e-KYC mandatory while applying for loans under SVANidhi Scheme?

Yes, e-KYC is mandatory for all the direct loan accounts applying for WC loans under PM SVANidhi Scheme.
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