PAN Card Correction & Update – How to Change Name, Address in PAN Card


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Pan Card Correction

PAN card is one of the most important cards that all taxpayers must own. It helps the Indian Government keep track of taxation on transactions, and also serves as an unquestionable proof of identity. With recent development, the Indian Government has passed a decree that every taxpayer must link his/her PAN card with an Aadhaar card. Doing this opens up many avenues for the Government to cut down cases of tax evasion and false identities. At the same time, citizens will also have an easier time dealing with the verification processes and transactions.

What is a PAN card?

A PAN card or Permanent Account Number is an alphanumeric 10 digit serial number that is allotted to every taxpayer, by the Income Tax Department. The main use of a PAN card is to allow the Income Tax Department to keep track of the necessary financial transaction. This helps the IT Department to assess the liability of a person or a company’s tax and prevent tax evasion.

Steps to Make Changes/Correction in Pan Card

To make any correction to your PAN card, the following steps must be followed:

Step 1:  Visit the official NSDL E-Governance website –

Step 2: Select the ‘services’ option and from the drop-down menu and click on ‘PAN.’

Step 3: Under the ‘Change/ Correction in PAN Data’ section, select ‘Apply.’

Step 4: Select the ‘Changes/ Correction in existing PAN data/ Reprint of PAN Card( No Change in Existing PAN Data)’ from the ‘Application Type’ drop-down menu.

Step 5: Select the assessee category from the ‘Category’ drop-down menu.

Step 6: Enter the necessary details and changed name, date of birth or email address, and registered mobile number.

Step 7: Fill in the captcha provided correctly and click on ‘submit’.

Step 8: After submitting, you will receive a token number in your registered email address.

Step 9: Click on the redirection link where you will be taken to the application form.

Step 10: Out of the three available options, select ‘Submit scanned images through e-sign on NSDL e-gov’.

Step 11: Fill in the necessary information and click on ‘submit’.

Step 12: Fill in your address on the page you are re-directed to.

Step 13:  Scan and upload the required documents for verification.

Step 14: Duly sign the form and click ‘submit.’

Step 15: Make the payment through net banking, demand draft, or debit/credit card on the page to which you will be re-directed.

Step 16: print the generated acknowledgment and send it to the NSDL E-Gov office with physical copies of the documents and a passport size photograph signed by you to-

NSDL e-Gov at income Tax PAN Service Unit,

NSDL e-Governance Infrastructure Limited,

5th Floor, Mantri Sterling, Plot No. 341,

Survey No, 997/8, Medel Colony, Near Deep Bungalow Chowk, Pune- 411 016.

Name and Address Correction in PAN Offline

To change the name or address in the PAN card offline, you must follow the below steps:

Step1: Download and print the PAN correction form –

Step 2: Fill the correction form and attach the necessary documents.

Step 3: A letter of PAN correction must also be filed with the Assessing Officer of the jurisdiction you are from.

Step 4: Send the form and documents along with a self-attested passport size photo of yourself to the NSDL e-Gov office.

Step 5: Upon submission, you will receive an acknowledgment slip. This slip must be sent to the NSDL office within 15 days from filing the request.

Documents Required to Change/Correct PAN Card Details

Following are the proofs and associated documents that are to be submitted to update PAN card online and offline:

  • For HUF and individuals:
    • Proof of Identity: Aadhaar card, voter’s ID card, Driver’s License, Passport, Ration card, fire arm’s license, Central Government/ State Government/ Public Sector Undertaking issued Photo ID card, pension card (with photo), Central Government Health Service Scheme Card/ Ex-Servicemen Contributory Health Scheme card (with photo).
    • Proof of Address: Aadhaar card, voter’s ID card, Driver’s License, Passport (applicant or spouse), Post office passbook having the address of the applicant, Property Registration Document, Latest property tax assessment order, Allotment letter of accommodation issued by Central or State Government of not more than three years old, Domicile certificate issued by the Government.
    • Proof of Age: Aadhaar card, Elector’s photo identity card, Driving license, Passport, Matriculation certificate or Mark sheet of recognized board, the Birth certificate issued by the municipal authority or any office authorized to issue birth and death certificate by the Registrar of Birth and Deaths or the Indian Consulate as defined in clause (d) of sub-section (1) of section 2 of the Citizenship Act, 1955 (57 of 1955), Photo identity card issued by the Central Government or State Government or Central Public Sector Undertaking or State Public Sector Undertaking, Domicile certificate issued by the Government, Central Government Health Service Scheme photo card or Ex-servicemen Contributory Health Scheme photo card; or Pension payment order, Marriage certificate issued by the Registrar of Marriages, Affidavit that is sworn before a magistrate stating the date of birth
  • For Non-indian Individuals and HUF:
    • Proof of identity:  OCI issued by the Indian Government, Passport, PIO issued by the Government of India, Aytested national or citizenship identification number to taxpayers identification Number.
    • Proof of Address: passport, PIO, OCI, bank account statement, non-residential external bank account statement in India, certificate of residence in India, Foreigner’s Registration Office issued registration certificate (must show address), Appointment letter and granted Visa, Attested national or citizenship identification number to taxpayers identification Number.
  • For Corporate Entities not having an Office in India:
    • Proof of Identity and Address: Certificate of Registration issued in the country where the applicant is located, duly attested by ‘Apostille’ (in respect of the countries which are signatories to the Hague Apostille Convention of 1961) or by the Indian Embassy or High Commission or Consulate in the country where the applicant is located or authorised officials of overseas branches of Scheduled Banks registered in India (in prescribed format)

      Registration certificate issued in India or of approval granted to set up an office in India by Indian Authorities
  • For Companies/Entities Incorporated/unincorporated in India:
    • Company: Registrar of Company issued Certificate of registration.
    • Partnership: Copy of the Partnership Deed or Registrar of Firms issued Certificate of Registration.
    • LLP: Registrar of LLPs issued Certificate of Registration.
    • Trust: Charity Commissioner issued Certificate of Registration number, trust deed.
    • Association of Person/ Local Authority/ Body of Individual/Artificial Juridical Person: Agreement/ certificate issued by the Registrar of Cooperative Society/Charity Commissioner, any Central/ State document validating identity and address of the person.

Charges Associated with PAN Card Correction

The fees associated with making any correction or Update to a PAN card is the same for applying for a new PAN.

If you have a deliver/communication address within India, the fee isRs.110.

for those with a communication address outside India, the associate fee is, Rs.1020

A PAN card does not contain the address of the individual. The address is used during the filing of the application form to know where to mail the corrected PAN card. An incorrect address can lead to the PAN card being delivered to the wrong individual.

So correction for the address if is to be made, should be of the active communication address where the owner of the PAN card will be available to receive his or her PAN card.

How to apply for a PAN card Offline

In order to apply for a PAN card offline, the following steps need to be followed:

Step 1: Download the “Request New PAN from’ from the official website or visit the nearest PAN office.

Step 2: Fill out the necessary information on the form correctly.

Step 3: Attach the required documents for proof of address, birth, etc. along with a passport size photo of the applicant.

Step 4: Submit the application form along with the attached documents to the Pan office of the nearest NSDL office.

Step 5: Pay the fee for requesting a new PAN card. Upon paying the fee, the applicant will receive a 15 digit acknowledgment number which the applicant uses to track the progress of their PAN card applicant right up to its delivery.

During the application procedure, the applicant can choose to have their PAN card delivered to their home/ address provided or personally collect the Pan from the NSDL or Pan office.

Things to keep in Mind While Filling for PAN Update Offline:

It should also be kept in mind that the form used for PAN correction and update is also used for the surrender of extra PAN and re-issuing a Pan card. So it is advised to correct check the box for which the form is being used.

Secondly, upon submission of the form, the generated acknowledgment slip must be sent to the NSDL within 15 days from filing the correction/update request.

Causes for Need of Change/Correction of Name in PAN card

The most common reasons for which anyone would need to make changes in their PAN card are:

  • The name on the PAN card has been spelt wrong or incorrect.
  • The Pan card was issued before marriage if the person and after marriage the person has their surname changed.
  • People often have their names legally changed. Many make this change after having their PAN issued under their birth name. in such cases, they will need to have their PAN name changed to keep using it.

    Visit the sites – or

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PAN Card Correction Online/Offline FAQs:

1. What information does a PAN card carry?

Every PAN card contains the following information: Name, date of birth and the 10 digits alphanumeric PAN number. The card serves as proof of identity and proof of date of birth for verification of official matters.

2. Is getting a PAN card compulsory?

A PAN card is mandatory for each and every taxpayer. All citizens of India who earn a salary that is taxable by the Government is required to have a PAN card in his or her name.

3. Is Pan and Aadhaar card Link mandatory?

Yes, as per the Income Tax Department, all taxpayers are required to link their PAN card with Aadhaar card. After the deadline for the linking has passed (March 31, 2020), the PAN card shall become inoperable.

4. Can I have multiple PAN cards under my name?

PAN Cards are unique numbers that are allotted to each citizen. No individual can have 2 different PAN cards under their name.

5. Can PAN Card application be cancelled before its issue?

No. An individual cannot cancel their PAN application even if it is before issue.

6. How to cancel/ surrender if I have been allotted more than one PAN card?

in the event of being allotted more than one PAN card, you must file a PAN Change Request application form. In the form, the currently used PAN card is to be mentioned, and the additional PAN card(s) must be mentioned at item number 11. The addition PAN card(s) must be submitted along with the application form.

7. How long does it take to make changes in a PAN card?

There is no hard and fast schedule within which a PAN card rectification is done. Though, on average, it takes 15 to 30 to make changes in the information of a PAN card.

8. Is the name of the father mandatory for a PAN card?

The father’s name of the applicant is compulsory for a PAN card. Only if the applicant’s mother is a single parent can the father’s name need not be provided.

9. How long does it take to duplicate a Pan card?

The duplication of Pan card roughly take 15 to 20 business days.

10. Does an E-PAN card have the same relevance as a PAN card?

Yes, an E- PAN card is just as viable as a physical laminated PAN card. E-Pan cards have a QR code with the demographic details of the PAN owner can a soft copy of the PAN can be issued in just 210 minutes which can then be used for activities like opening a bank account.

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