GSTIN: What is GSTIN Number? – Check & Verify GSTIN/UIN Number Online?


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Gstin - What Is Gstin Number

GSTIN is a Goods and Services Tax Identification Number that is assigned to each person registered under GST. It is a 15-digit unique identification number. The Tax Identification Number or TIN has been substituted with GSTIN, and those businesses that have TIN would automatically be allotted GSTIN, unlike new businesses that are mandated to register under the GST Act. The number is primarily used by tax authorities to maintain GST payments and due records of those registered under the GST Act.

The GST regime provides a single platform to businesses for all procedures of compliance and administration under a single authority. The regime provides a single number – Goods and Service Tax Identification Number, in place of multiple numbers for VAT, Tax, Service Tax, etc. for a single business. GSTIN is public information.

Structure of GSTIN

You can know your GSTIN in a simple method as it has a fixed format and structure. Every GSTIN has 15 characters. These 15 characters are based on the following:

  • STATE CODE: The first two characters of a GSTIN is the state code of the state in which the person who has been registered under the GST Act operates. Every state has a unique code, and the first two digits of GSTIN are assigned accordingly.
  • PAN: PAN is a Permanent Account Number. The 10 digits after the state code that is the 3rd to 12th characters of a GSTIN is the PAN of the person who pays tax as per the GST Act.
  • REGISTRATION NUMBER: The 13th digit of GSTIN is the entity or registration number of the person whose PAN number is preceded in GSTIN that is the person who pays taxes as under the GST Act. The number is assigned on the basis of the number of registrations in the state of the taxpayer who has registered.
  • “Z”: The 14th or the penultimate digit in the GSTIN is constantly the alphabet “Z” for all people registered under the GST Act.
  • CHECK CODE: The last digit of GSTIN is a check code that may either be represented by an alphabet or a number.
  • An example of a GSTIN is 29GGGGG1314R9Z6 wherein ’29’ is the state code for the state of Karnataka, ‘GGGGG1314R’ is the example of a PAN, ‘9’ is the entity or the registration number, ‘Z’ is a constantly used character in GSTIN and finally ‘6’ is the check code which has been denoted by a numerical in the given an example.

How to Apply for GSTIN?

GSTIN will be assigned after one registers under the GST Act. Taxpayers can register under the GST Act and accordingly obtain a GSTIN:

Once the application of the taxpayer to be registered under the GST Act is approved, the concerned individual will receive a unique 15-digit number – GSTIN. This will be sent across through email as well as SMS to the taxpayer’s registered email id and phone number respectively.

How to Know and Check GSTIN?

Gstin-Uin Of The Taxpayer

The GSTIN of a taxpayer would be mentioned in the GST certificate that one obtains when a taxpayer registers under the GST Act. The GSTIN can be verified by entering the number in the government portal. The information relating to GSTIN is public and hence can be verified easily through the government portal.

If you want to know your GSTIN, you can also find it by entering your PAN number in the government portal –

Misuse Of GSTIN

GSTIN can be misused by suppliers to manipulate customers. Basic instances of misuse of GSTIN are:

  • The supplier can use a fake GSTIN ID to evade paying taxes to the government.
  • There can be fake inward invoices created by a supplier to balance the amount of tax liability. These invoices would be created even without actually supplying goods to anyone.

Therefore it is better to check and verify GSTIN to avoid manipulation and misuse of GSTIN. In addition, GSTIN seeks to maintain transparency in business transactions and attempts to ensure that genuine GST Returns are filed for the particular tax period. GSTIN verification is also advantageous as Input Tax Credit can be claimed when proper GSTIN is used.

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GSTIN Number FAQs:

1. Does one have to pay any amount to obtain GSTIN?

No, there is no payment required to be made to register under the GST Act and to hence obtain GSTIN – it is free of cost.

2. How do I complain about fake GSTIN?

GSTIN can be searched and verified in the government portal. Suppose any deviations by a supplier have been identified. In that case, it can be immediately reported by visiting the portal or by emailing to the government at or by calling at 011-23370115 or 0124-4688999 or 0120-4888999.

3. What are the repercussions of using fake GSTIN?

Using fake GSTIN can lead to a loss in Input Tax Credit of the taxpayer. Besides, if a taxpayer uses fake GSTIN, then the person/s would be penalized up to 100% of the tax liability of Rs. 10,000 whichever is more. Also, aiding a business or taxpayer in committing any offence to evade taxes can lead up to a penalty of Rs. 25,000. If the amount of tax evasion is more, then it can also lead to imprisonment sentenced accordingly.

4. Is GSTN and GSTIN the same?

No, both are different. GSTIN is a 15-digit alpha-numeric number that is unique to every taxpayer. GSTN, on the other hand, is Goods and Services Tax Network which is an organization that handles the entire Information Technology system of the official GST portal.

5. What are the things I am supposed to do once I obtain my GSTIN?

Once you have obtained your GSTIN, you are required to generate timely GST compliant invoices, file periodic GST returns and pay any GST liability if it exists.

6. What are the details I can obtain if I enter GSTIN on the official GST portal?

If the GSTIN is entered correctly, then you can obtain information including the legal or registered name of the business, date of registration of the business, the state in which the business is operated from, the GSTIN or the UIN status, the kind of business carried out – company, sole proprietorship or partnership and the kind of taxpayer- a regular taxpayer of a composition dealer.

7. After how many days will I be able to download my GST registration certificate?

Once your application has been approved, and once you have received your unique GSTIN through email and Short Message Service (SMS), you will be able to download the registration certificate in approximately 3 to 5 days.

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