Fraud and Phishing Awareness

Lendingkart is a fintech startup in the working capital space. The Company has developed technology tools based on big data analysis and machine learning algorithms which facilitate lenders to evaluate borrower’s creditworthiness and provide other related services. Lendingkart Group is on a mission to make credit available to MSMEs pan-India using technology and alternate data-first approaches. The company has built a proprietary platform to solve for the basic building blocks of MSME financing like distribution, origination, underwriting, engagement, and collections, and by democratizing access to this platform by providing open access to APIs across the funnel. Since its inception, Lendingkart Group has evaluated over 1.6 million applications, disbursing over 14,000 crore loans to more than 2 lakh MSMEs in 4000+ cities and towns across all states and union territories of India, making it an NBFC having the largest geographical footprint in the country. To date, Lendingkart has disbursed over a billion USD worth of loans.

Lendingkart is a completely safe platform for its borrowers and lending partners across India. All systems owned by Lendingkart are audited, and state-of-the-art technology & compliance-driven processes are used to safeguard user data. In recent times, it has been observed that there is a threat from criminals, including cybercriminals, who may attempt to take advantage of Lendingkart’s reputation as a safe destination. Such criminals engage in fraudulent or other criminal scams through which, by purported association with Lendingkart’s name, brand, and/or reputation, victims are deceived into thinking that they are dealing with Lendingkart and/or Lendingkart personnel and, as a result, may provide sensitive personal information or even transfer money to such criminals under the misapprehension that such information or money is being provided to/requested by Lendingkart.

These scams can be conducted through various means, including websites, mobile applications, texts, emails, mailings, telephone calls, social media (including via videos uploaded to social media), and other communication platforms. Although the tactics employed by criminals continually evolve, many of these scams employ “phishing”; a scam where a cybercriminal attempts to obtain your confidential personal information (such as your name, date of birth, address, identity proof details or other official documentation number, account/financial information and usernames/passwords) with a view to using it for unauthorized and unlawful purposes.

Please note that the only:

  1. Email domains and websites authorized by Lendingkart are:,,
  2. Specific email contact addresses authorized by Lendingkart, and Lendingkart’s only office locations, are listed here: 
  3. Social media accounts authorized by Lendingkart are the following hyperlinked accounts on LinkedInTwitterInstagram, and YouTube.
  4. Mobile application offered by Lendingkart is ‘Lendingkart: Business Loan App’ which may only be downloaded and used by eligible counterparties in jurisdictions where such download and use is authorized, and only from the official locations on the Google Play Store, and not from any other website, application or other location.

Below is some general information regarding common scams. Lendingkart provides this for informational purposes only. The information contained on this webpage does not constitute legal, financial, investment or tax advice, nor does it constitute an offer, a solicitation or a recommendation, whether directly or indirectly, to invest or to buy interests in any security (whether via any mobile application or otherwise) and in particular is not an offer in any jurisdiction where such offer would not be authorized.

If you have any questions about the above or the below, the security of any Lendingkart communication, or you suspect that a website, mobile application, e-mail or other communication (including via social media) purporting to be from, or associated with, Lendingkart, may be fraudulent, please contact us at

Examples of Common Scams

Phishing / Vishing: This involves a criminal sending an email, text message or other electronic communication (e.g. via a mobile application or social media channel) that appears to be from a legitimate source, asking you to click a link, download an attachment, or provide personal information. A similar method, ‘vishing’, involves a criminal calling you, purporting to represent the relevant organization, warning you that there is an issue related to you or your information that may result in financial loss or harm to you and informing you that they can solve this issue if you provide your personal information to them. 

Mobile Application Scams: Criminals may seek to steal personal information by creating mobile applications which purport to be an official application of a particular organisation. Please note that the only mobile application offered by Lendingkart is ‘Lendingkart: Business Loan App’, which may only be downloaded and used by eligible counterparties in jurisdictions where such download and use is authorized, and only from the official locations on the Google Play Store, and not from any other website, application or other location.

Bank Transfer Scams: Criminals may contact you by phone or email (or sometimes other means), presenting a purportedly urgent but false story and requesting you to transfer money into or out of your or another party’s bank account.

Investment Scams: Criminals may contact you fraudulently offering investments (whether non-existent or otherwise) with extraordinary returns from products purportedly managed by a particular organization, or may otherwise (e.g. via a website, mobile application or social media channel) fraudulently promote such investments, with a view to soliciting you to transfer money to them illegitimately.