Top 10 Business Ideas After Lock Down


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Business Ideas After Lock Down

Coronavirus is a highly contagious disease that has spread globally, affecting the lives, professions, economy, and lifestyle of everyone. This has generated an uncertainty of life and an immense loss of movement, earnings, and jobs impacting the economy of almost every country in the world.

In this situation of contingency and emergency where things are falling apart and with no vaccines or a steady treatment of COVID 19, we can’t be losing hope and positivity and sitting idle without work and waiting for things to be normal.

Let’s admit the fact; it may take months, probably years for the current situation to normalize and things to smoothen down.

In this scenario, we all should focus on grasping current work opportunities that COVID 19 lockdown has generated and maintain high levels of optimism and hope to maintain our mental, economic, and physical health.

Keeping up with the trend

Looking at the current scenario of despair and joblessness, one must look at the brighter side and figure out opportunities that the lockdown has given rise to.

Generation of funds is extremely crucial as it not only affects us an individual, but it has a significant impact on our city, economy, country, and even the whole world.

A few imperative options that we can consider and the scope of ideas that we can optimally use, for personal, social, and economic growth is as follows:

  1. The first thing to take into consideration is the Demand in the market. Due to the lockdown, not everything is required, and we must keep the luxuries and comforts aside. Providing necessities and the high demand for them is a major contributor to the market and will generate new business ideas.
  2. New ideas on education, banking, agriculture, furniture, fashion, gifts, weddings, food, taxation, finance, and manufacturing are things that cannot be ignored and are always on the run. The continuity in the above mentioned generates new opportunities for business.
  3. Technology and online work options are trending, and one must keep himself updated with the following options to use them for their upcoming venture. Now is not the time to be physically involved in professions, jobs, or businesses. Instead, we must consider technology as one of the most critical aspects of generating job and business opportunities:
    1. Google alerts and subscribing to google trends.
    2. Explore more online using Google search console
    3. Website studying and using website optimizers.
    4. Keeping up to date mobile applications
    5. Online banking and subscribing to online giants like Justdial, Sulekha, etc.
    6. YouTube channelizing
    7. Blogging
    8. Tie-ups with online shopping sites like Amazon, Flip kart, Snapdeal, etc.
    9. Tie-ups with online Food businesses like Swiggy, Zomato, etc.
    10. A multitude of options catering to online banking like immediate transfer of money and using other soft modes of handling money
    11. Zoom meetings, webinars, e-conferencing are the talk of the town, and everyone is indulging in it.
    12. Online marketing and publication to improve sales and marketing
    13. Using social platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and linked-in to make and generate contacts.

Top 10 Job Opportunities or Business Ideas that can initiate during and after the Lockdown

It is of paramount importance to maintain digital relations, develop strategies, and use effective techniques to study the market and get into a new opportunity that can be fruitful and money generating.

Here are the trending business or job ideas that an individual can initiate to survive the COVID 19 crises:

  • Online Teaching

Education is one of the occupations that will never die out. Even coronavirus cannot stop educating young minds. One can indulge in online video classes, online tuitions, special classes, webinars, or Zoom teaching applications to reach out to the huge number of students who crave a comprehensive explanation and understanding of unexplained concepts and completion of academic syllabus.

  • Freelancing Projects

Freelancing jobs like content writing, website updating, editing, publishing, journalism, graphic designing, gym instructions and workout techniques, translations, data entries, and many other such jobs are easily available and the demands for professionals in the specified fields in increasing with each passing day.

  • YouTubing

Many people are opting for the YouTube marketing small business idea scheme and have started using the immensely large platform to earn a running revenue from it. YouTube videos are catching up and are now a household commodity for people sitting idle at home and having much time in their hands. This allows people to make fun and entertaining videos, gardening and agriculture, dancing and other arts, designing, cooking, and much more to make their videos and publish them on YouTube. The number of like sand subscriptions can help them earn quite a bit from this medium.

  • Blogging

This is a good opportunity for people to put their ideas and thoughts across to the public, giving them a better perspective on various topics. This is generally helpful for people who love writing and who have the nag of it. A blogger reaches a good number of people and can earn quite well through sponsored and affiliated posts and ads.

  • Website Development

Everyone is not a tech0savvy person, and it may take them ages to have hands-on expertise using technology. This is where the professionals or people good with their technological skills enter and can help the ones who have to start up with fresh work. Even the ongoing business that has shifted from physical marketing towards online marketing would need service regarding website planning organizing and updating, thus giving the designers and developers a fair share of earnings and profits.

  • Art and Craft/ Homemade manufacturing

Even housewives who were initially sitting idle at home, have now thought of contributing towards the earning so the family by transforming heir talents and skills into business ideas. Men and women are into handicrafts, making handmade designs for clothes, toys, food, even pickles, or they have tried their luck in art and craft and are outselling the same strategically and technologically to the demanding public. These home businesses are on the rise, and there is no stopping to convert the inborn talent into a bright business opportunity.

  • Selling Health care necessities.

Mask, sanitizers, and medical products are much into demand and don’t seem to end soon. One can initiate a business idea considering the same getting in contact with retailers, wholesalers, and local vendors for proper sales and distribution. Many big companies have shut down their previous businesses and have entered into the same market-making loads f money from it.

  • Door to Door delivery

Courier service or door to door delivery of valuables like grocery, medicines, or other relevant thigs is also a good initiative. With the fear of COVID 19, may people don’t take the risk of stepping out of their comfort zones and expect everything to be delivered to them at their doorstep? Taking necessary precautions, one can easily initiate this business.

  • Cab service

Lockdown has imposed may restriction son commuting and transportation service, looking at the same crunch and converting it into a good business opportunity one can make a good amount of money by stating a cab service for people who want to travel from one city to another for work or personal reasons. There will be less negotiation and bargaining, because they don’t have a better option.

  • Food Service

Everyone seems to have evolved as a great cook during the lockdown. It has given them immense time and opportunity to try different recipes and spend quality time with their families, relishing new food items and options with never-ending new concepts. Many people have taken this hobby professionally, and there is a huge demand in the market for healthy, nutritious food, which can satiate their taste buds.

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Business Ideas After Lock Down FAQs:

1. Is it mandatory to have an activated online banking system to start a new job?

Yes, without online banking, making and accepting payments is impossible as we cannot depend on physical banking, taking the sudden extension of lockdown and the long queues at banks into consideration.

2. What is Online Marketing all about?

with a decent client base, one can easily start an online marketing setup wherein it becomes easier to reach out to the targeted customers through relevant channels and help the businesses grow. In the process, one can make a lot of money just by marketing a specific product.

3. How do webinars or Zoom sessions help?

In various fields like education, manufacturing, and online services, zoom sessions and webinars are trending immensely for having a face to face conversation with the stakeholders, describing details, productivity, process, wants, and demands at large. Doubts and queries can immediately be taken care of using these tools.

4. How do I sell homemade products?

There are various online selling giants like Amazon, Snapdeal, and Flipkart with whom one can set up an online connection, which is fairly an easy process and start selling any home-made products. The second option is to have a website of your own, and one should be capable if marketing it well.

5. How easy will it be for me to commute during and after the Lockdown?

Looking at the lockdown hours and a sudden change in the timings prescribed by the lawmakers, commuting is not a recommended option for many businesses. Still, yes, if there is a need for urgent transportation, local cabs like Uber, Ola are running, and so are the cargo trains and bus services actively involved.

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