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Pan Card Details Search By Name, Dob

Every citizen of India is liable to have a specific set of documents that are utilized in the day-to-day life activities as well as evidence of individual identification. An important constituent of these documents is the PAN card.

PAN (Permanent Account Number) is represented as a 10-digit code made up by a combination of alphabet and numerical which is unique to every citizen of India and thus, can be used as an ID proof. The Income Tax Authority of India issues PAN card, and it is a pre-requisite for conducting any type of financial transactions by the citizen.

About PAN card: History and procedures

The concept of PAN card came into being in 1972 where the Government of India announced an identification method that was a step ahead of the previously used system of GIR or General Index Register.

On April 1st, 1976 the PAN was given statutory status under Sec 132A of the ITA. Earlier the older format of PAN was used that resulted in certain errors like lack of secure databases, lack of central authorization of PAN, exclusion of PAN requirement for taxes.

These errors were fabricated and the result was the current version of PAN as we see today. The PAN was made to be alloted to the citizens of the country and the applications for the PAN card were initially started in the cities of Delhi, Mumbai and Chennai.

Procedure for online PAN application:

Nowadays, it is very easy for citizens to apply for a PAN card. The procedure of online application is as follows:

  • Go to the official NSDL website –
  • The applicant can select the ‘New Pan’ option displayed on the webpage.
  • Now, the applicant should select Form 49A which is required for the PAN applications.
  • The applicant should complete Form 49A by providing the necessary details.
  • The next step involves the fee deposition that can be done through online mode or via a Demand Draft that shall be generated after submission of the form.
  • The applicant can then obtain his/her PAN card after completing the submission and payment procedure.
  • It is required that the applicant submit the acknowledgment of PAN generation by submitting it to the NSDL office in 15 days of online Form 49A submission
  • The acknowledgment is followed by the PAN verification process at NSDL after which the PAN card is generated and delivered to the registered address of the applicant.

What are the applications of using a PAN card?

Initially, PAN card was issued for the sole purpose of keeping a record of an individual’s financial transactions which are useful in imposing taxes.

However, with the advent of time, the use of PAN has grown immensely. Some of the important uses of Permanent Account Number Card are listed below:

  • As an identification proof- PAN card include certain details such as the citizen’s name, residential address, date of birth and photograph which can be used as ID for various documentation procedures like loan applications, issuing a passport, Voter ID card and for household amenities like a connection for gas, house water supply, and electricity bill, etc.
  • Use for employee- Nowadays, the Income Tax Department has mandated for every employee to present his/her PAN card along with valid details while applying for any job as the employer will utilize the PAN card while imposing TDS while filling the Form16. The employee also needs to submit his/her PAN details while filing their income tax returns.
  • Use for bank services- The bank requires an individual’s PAN details while opening a bank account in his/her name. This is done to reduce the incidence of fraudulent transactions practices where people scam a large sum of money. PAN helps keep track of every transaction made by the individual.
  • Pre-requisite for deposits- PAN card is required at the time of making money deposits while opening a fixed deposit account in the bank or while depositing money in Post Offices.
  • Swapping of any foreign currency- When visiting a place outside India, the currency can be a source of inconvenience to the individual. The Indian currency can be exchanged using documents such as a passport, travel tickets, visa, and PAN card.
  • Stock market use- PAN is needed while trading shares where the details are submitted to the broker.
  • Useful for mutual funds- It is required that the applicant looking to make an investment in a mutual fund, bonds, etc., should submit his/her PAN details before doing so.
  • Use in transactions related to property- PAN details also play a role in the process of property registration, whether for the sole purpose or joint ownership.
  • Useful for application of debit or credit card- A pre-requisite while availing a debit/credit card is the individual’s PAN card details.
  • Use for e-wallets- In the age of the digital boom, e-wallets and UPI payments have provided a fast cash transaction. For registering with any online banking service, PAN card details are a mandatory requirement.
  • For motor vehicle purchase- PAN card details are to be submitted at the time of completing the formalities for registering a new motor vehicle.
  • PAN card is also required during payment of a premium for any type of insurance.

How to search your PAN card details by Name and Date of Birth?

Nowadays, it is very convenient to browse through your PAN card details online and verify or correct your personal details. The PAN card details can be checked using the following steps-

  • Head over to the website for filing income tax online –
  • Select the ‘verify your PAN details’ option available in the ‘quick links’ tab.
  • After being directed further, enter your personal details such as PAN, Date of Birth, and name.
  • Now choose the most appropriate option from the status credential.
  • Type in the captcha displayed correctly and then submit your details.
  • If the entered details are matching with the PAN, you will be taken to a page confirming that the entered PAN card details are active and its details are compatible with the database.

How to search your PAN card details by PAN number?

If one wishes to check their PAN card details by PAN number, they can do so by following these simple steps-

  • Visit the webpage of the Income Tax Department –
  • The website displays a link titled, ‘register yourself’ which can be used if you are a new user.
  • To register on the website, enter your PAN card number.
  • Completely fill the details such as name, email id, phone number, or any other details which are asked under the registration tab.
  • After entering the details, select the submit option.
  • To activate your registered account, a link is sent to the submitted email id.
  • Once you open the link, you can proceed to your profile settings for the account.
  • Select the ‘PAN Details’ option from profile settings.
  • Your PAN card details will be available for verification on the page.

How to search your PAN details by address?

The following steps are required to search for the address in your PAN card details registered online-

  • Visit the webpage of the Income Tax Department –
  • If you already have an account, hop on to the ‘registered user?’ link.
  • Submit all the details required for logging into your account.
  • Once you have access to your account, head over to the profile settings tab, and select the ‘PAN Details’ subheading.
  • To verify your address, click on the ‘address’ option on the top options bar alongside PAN details.

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PAN Card Details Online FAQs:

1. Which individuals require a PAN card?

PAN Card is an essential document for every tax-paying salaried individual of the country.

2. What is the procedure for the application of a PAN card?

An individual can apply for PAN card by submitting a completed application form which is Form 49A and 49AA for Indian and foreign citizens respectively.

3. What is the procedure for making corrections in the details of the PAN card?

Any erroneous details can be rectified easily by visiting the NSDL website and selecting the option displaying modifications of PAN details.

4. Is it possible to have more than one PAN for a single individual?

No, there is a provision of only a single PAN per individual. It is penalized under the law to have more than one PAN for a single person.

5. Can you link Aadhar Card with a PAN card?

Yes, it has been mandated to link your Aadhar card with PAN. You can do so by visiting the NSDL website and go over the option to link your Aadhar and PAN card.

6. What are the charges for submitting Form 49A for PAN application?

The fee charge varies with the national or NRI citizen. The citizen has to pay Rs.107 while the NRIs are charged with a sum of Rs.1017.

7. Is it possible to change your PAN card photograph?

Yes, the candidate can update the photograph of PAN by using a correction form or through the online procedures.

8. What is the waiting period for receiving a PAN card?

PAN card application process may take approximately 45 days total. The time may vary depending on the circumstances.

9. Is it possible for illiterate people to generate PAN?

Yes, anyone can apply for a PAN card. The offline as well online procedures works with the submission of candidate’s thumb impression.

10. What is the procedure of PAN application for minors or physically challenged people?

The minor or physically handicapped individual can claim a PAN card generation by appointing an individual that can generate the PAN on-behalf of them (Sec 160 of ITC). The following credentials are required in such cases: details of the candidate that is applying for PAN as well as the details of the nominee that is the representative.

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