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Financial Management

EMI Calculators and Business Loans – Facts and Myths


EMI Calculators and Loans – Facts and MythsWhen you search the internet for getting a small business loan for your enterprise, a number of busin...

Business Strategy

How to Get a Small Business Loan to Start a Business


Small Business Loan to Start a BusinessFor a new entrepreneur, one of the biggest hurdles to resolve and overcome is the need for capital. Funds are c...

Business Strategy

Business Loan Interest Rates – Factors and Features to Getting an Optimal Rate


How Business Loan Interest Rates WorkEver wonder why business loan interest rates vary from lender to lender? There are several factors based on which...

Business Strategy

Business Loan – Importance of Choosing the Right One


The Importance of Choosing the Right Business LoanWhen you are considering taking a business loan, there are a lot of things that you check out, both ...

Financial Management

Lendingkart offers Attractive Interest Rates for SME Loans


Small and medium enterprises in India are growing at an exponential rate. The Indian Government has launched several schemes for their benefit. Furthe...

Business Strategy

5 Clever Small Business Financing Options in India


For a new small business in India, like everywhere else globally, finance is the key to success and sustenance. Efficient and consistent fundraising i...

Business Strategy

Why Customer Engagement is Important? Part 3 – Returns and Refunds


As an entrepreneur in today’s times, it is important to understand the value of customer engagement and how it is linked directly to the success of yo...

General Finance

Why Customer Engagement is Important? Part 2 – Revenue Impact


The rapid homogenising of product and services has made marketers shift focus to customer experience (UX). In our previous article, we explained the i...

Business Strategy

Why Customer Engagement is Important? Part 1 – Rave Reviews and Rants


Customer engagement has become an important parameter for business success today. In this context, customer engagement is now almost synonymous to cus...

Business Strategy

Got a Growing Sales Team? A CRM can help!


So here’s the thing. Growth of a business and consequently a larger sales team is a potentially positive development. A larger sales team means that m...

Business Strategy

Advertising for SMEs – Do You Need It?


SMEs for the most part are strapped for funds. In fact, because of this, fundraising becomes an almost ongoing activity for entrepreneurs. Given that ...

Financial Management

Credit Scores – Part 1: The What, Who and When


Introduction“Sorry, we won’t be able to process your loan application because your credit score is too low.” As a person who has availed loans before,...

Business Strategy

The GST Game – What Can SMEs Do to Stay Ahead?


With GST having become a reality now, every business and service provider is dealing with its ramifications, the good ones as well as the bad ones. As...

Business Strategy

Why Dual GST and How it will affect your Business?


Businesses all over the country have felt the impact of the government’s decision to change the country’s goods and services tax code. The...

Business Strategy

The Ultimate Guide To Grow Your Business Online


Given the economic climate, for any business intending to grow to its maximum potential, there is no shying away for exploring the online space. In fa...

Business Strategy

Working Capital Management for Small Business Owners


Working Capital Management for Small Business OwnersAny business can have different sources of income and efficient management of the same can work wo...

Business Strategy

Keeping your Company’s Cash Flow Happy – Debugging Budgeting!


Keeping your Company’s Cash Flow HappyDoes cash flow translate to revenue? Certainly not. Deteriorating revenue with a robust cash flow is not going t...

Business Strategy

6 Amazing Ways to Execute Ideas for Small Businesses


Idea is the core of every business. As somebody who is either interested in starting a new business or is already on that journey and now looking for ...

Business Strategy

11 Important Things Your Competition Can Teach You About Finance


Competition is the bane and blessing for every business owner. As a business owner you need to keep an eye out for what your competition is doing. Thi...

Customer Corner

750% Growth – This is How Success is Defined!


The Curtain Call of Coir – G Sindhu’s Entrepreneurial StoryIn 2007, a remote area of Modakupatti in Tirupur saw the emergence of Evergreen Enterprises...

Business Strategy

Small Business Loans – The Working Capital Angle


Ever since I started off in a retail lending team at HDFC Bank and even now, as a decision-maker in one of the leading fintech lenders of the nation, ...

Business Strategy

Small Business Loans – Why and Why Not


When it comes to financials that concern your organization’s growth and prosperity, you would never want to take a chance, would you? Additionally, wh...

Best Wishes

Diwali – Celebrating light in all its Glory


The message of ‘Happy Diwali’, often conveyed along with sweets, savories and beautiful smiles has been in Indian culture since ages. People have cele...

General Finance

Financial Falooda for Thought


You have a business and you hail from a family that has been selling and buying products since the independence of India in 1947. Or you could be one ...

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