How to Check CIBIL Score Using PAN Card for Free


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How To Check Cibil Score Free With Pan Card

A key component in figuring out your creditworthiness and financial stability is your credit score. You can get loans and credit cards with advantageous interest rates and terms if you have a strong credit score. Thus, it is crucial to monitor your credit score constantly. You can start by looking up your CIBIL score.

Credit Information Bureau (India) Ltd is a credit reporting agency that compiles consumer credit data from various financial institutions and produces credit reports for each customer. A CIBIL score of 750 is regarded as good, and scores range from 300 to 900.

How to use your PAN Card to verify your CIBIL Score?

  • Visit – (CIBIL’s official website)

Visit the CIBIL website at in order to check your CIBIL score in the first place. Credit Information Bureau (India) Ltd is a credit reporting agency that compiles consumer credit data from a variety of financial institutions and produces credit reports for each customer. You may quickly check your credit report and score by going to the CIBIL official website.

  • Click on the top right option that says ‘Get Your Credit Score

Clicking on the “Get Your Credit Score” button on CIBIL’s official website’s upper right-hand corner is the second step to finding your CIBIL score. You can access your credit report and check your credit score by selecting this option, which will take you to a page where you can do so. This button will take you to a page where you can buy your credit score and report, so it’s crucial to remember that. 

You can also go to to check your CIBIL score directly. Entering your name, date of birth, gender, and PAN card number on this page will allow you to view your CIBIL score. It’s crucial to remember that by using the information from your PAN card on this page, you can check your credit score for free. 

  • Choose a subscription method, if applicable

The fourth step in determining your CIBIL score is, if appropriate, selecting a subscription type. Your browser will take you to a page where you may examine your credit score and credit report after entering your personal information and PAN card number. You can now select a subscription method if you want to sign up for CIBIL’s credit monitoring services. 

  • Enter your PAN Card number

Entering your PAN Card number is the fifth step in the process of determining your CIBIL score. PAN, or Permanent Account Number, is a unique identifying number given to people and companies in India for tax-related reasons. On the CIBIL website, you must enter a 10-digit alphanumeric number in order to verify your credit score. 

  • Enter your e-mail address

You will be prompted for your email address after entering the PAN card data. Because CIBIL will send your credit score report to this address, be sure it is a genuine email address you can access. Before pressing the “Submit” button, be sure your email address is typed in accurately. Your CIBIL score report should arrive through email shortly after you submit your request.

  • Enter Date of Birth

You will be asked to enter your date of birth after giving your PAN card details and email address. Your date of birth is a vital piece of information used to confirm your identification, so be sure to input it correctly. Either manually input it or choose your birthdate from the drop-down option.

  • Select the Gender

You will be prompted to choose your gender after entering your birthdate. You have the option of selecting “Male,” “Female,” or “Transgender” from the list of possibilities. To continue, choose the proper choice and press the “Submit” button. Selecting the appropriate option corresponding to your official records is important because this information is also needed to confirm your identification.

  • Enter the captcha code

You will be required to provide a captcha code after giving your birth date and gender. This security feature makes sure that a genuine human, not an automated script, is completing the form. The captcha code typically consists of characters and numbers presented as images. Put the characters from the image into the corresponding box. If you are having trouble reading the code, you can click the refresh button to produce a new one or the audio button to hear the code read out.

  • Acknowledge the terms and conditions

You will be taken to a page with the terms and conditions of using CIBIL’s services after entering the captcha code. Before continuing, it’s imperative that you thoroughly read these terms. To read the terms and conditions in their entirety, you might need to scroll through them. After reading and comprehending the terms and conditions, click the box that says, “I have read and agree to the Terms and Conditions,” to show that you do. Click the “Submit” button after checking the box to continue.

  • Click on “Proceed to Payment”

You will be sent to a page where you can continue to make a payment in order to access your CIBIL score report after you have accepted the terms and conditions. You should notice a button on this page that says “Proceed to Payment” or something similar. To advance to the payment page, where you may choose your preferred payment option and complete the transaction, click this button. Your CIBIL score report should be sent to you via email shortly after your payment is successful.


You could view the previous data if you verified your CIBIL Score/CIR earlier using your e-mail ID and password. The website will send you to the payment page if you check your credit report for the first time. After payment, you can select how the score and report will be delivered. You have the option of having a hard copy of the report posted to your address or selecting to have an electronic copy sent to you through email.

If you do not have a PAN Card number, you can request your CIBIL Score using your basic personal information, like your name, date of birth, identity proof number from another document, address, and phone number.

How to Check Cibil Score Free With PAN Card FAQs:

1. How can we get CIBIL details for free?

Once every year, CIBIL will give you a free CIBIL Score and Report. If you are already a member, sign in to myCIBIL, select the “My Account” option in the upper right corner of the website, and then click the “Get your Free Report” button.

2.Is it advised to check CIBIL score online?

The answer is that checking your credit score online is very secure. Your credit score and credit report are generated by credit bureaus. The four authorized credit bureaus in India are Experian, CIBILTM, Equifax, and CRIF High Mark. Every year, a person is entitled to one free credit report.

3. Which CIBIL score is accurate?

Lenders consider both the Experian and CIBIL scores, both of which are trustworthy, before approving a loan or credit card application.

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