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India is evolving into a dynamic world that is a terrific starting point for aspiring and seasoned company entrepreneurs. A business, on the other hand, almost always necessitates a high-value investment. Purchase of land and factories, as well as working capital, may be required. In addition to it, basic operating costs and wages, among other things, must be covered. This is when a company loan might help to alleviate your concerns. A business loan might assist you in meeting all of your business costs. It has everyone covered, whether you are starting a new business or expanding an existing one. However, there are several sorts of business loans accessible throughout India, and it is critical to select one that is appropriate for your needs.

Every firm, large or small, requires more money to satisfy day-to-day operational needs. The necessary amount of cash is also determined by the business’s nature: is it capital-intensive, and what stage of development is it in terms of genesis, growth, or maturity? Typically, firms require the greatest funding in their early phases and for future growth.

Resort Loan:

Resort Loan means one or more loans made by the applicable ILX Seller to a Resort Purchaser evidenced by a Resort Purchase Agreement and secured by a Resort Deed of Trust, which results from the sale of a Resort Interest to a Resort Purchaser, which loans (i) are conveyed and assigned of record by the applicable ILX Sellers to Borrower according to the Sale Order, (ii) shall be subject to the Lien in favor of Lender, and (iii) constitute as a portion of the Receivables Collateral.

Broadly There Are 8 Types of Business Loans in India

Benefits Of Getting a Business Loan for Resort

This type of credit falls under the area of business loans. NBFCs continue to be the primary funding source for small and medium-sized businesses in India. Recently, there has been a surge in the growth of Fintech Companies on the horizon, such as Lendingkart, which are essentially Digital NBFCs rewriting the boundaries of business financing in India with novel products. Let us examine the qualities and benefits that provide a firm with the required competitive advantage in the specific industry environment.

A hotel loan might be an excellent way to offer funds to your expanding hotel business, to build a new resort, or to make long-awaited improvements to current facilities. Whatever your reason for needing a loan, you must understand your alternatives to create the most informed decision about what’s best for you.

With that being stated, there are various perks to taking a resort loan, which we’ll cover one by one.


  1. Tailored loans assist businesses in growing, investing in infrastructure, equipment, and machinery, and providing operating cash
  2. Quick Processing: We execute mortgages in as little as 72 hours if the requirements are met
  3. Unsecured hotel loans in the absence of collateral India does not require collateral as security
  4. There are no hidden fees: Loan processing is transparent; thus, there are no hidden fees
  5. Flexible Repayments: There are two repayment options: EMI or Fortnightly
  6. There are several advantages to obtaining a hotel company loan, in addition to broad redeeming qualities

Funds Movement

  1. It simplifies the flow of cash, resulting in adequate liquidity
  2. Ownership Remains Unaffected: The lack of security in this interest-free loan relieves the borrower of any further concerns
  3. Improved Credit Rating: Accurate reporting to multiple credit rating bureaus aids in the integrity of credit scores

With a resort loan, you may take your resort to the next level by making structural, aesthetically pleasing, and functional renovations. There’s nothing like a resort redesign to bring in a new target demographic, give you a cause to raise your fees, and enhance visitor satisfaction. By following Millennial travel patterns, you may be capable of attracting Millennial tourists with the proper renovation.

Whatever the extent of the redesign, it will require capital, which is why a loan may be valuable for delivering an infusion of money that will assist make this remodel happen.

Cover Operational Costs

Human resources are one of the most significant investments in a hotel, but you don’t always have the funds to recruit these crucial individuals. This is how a loan may help by allowing you to expand your workforce and recruit the best employees with competitive compensation.

One of the primary benefits of financing from a financial institution is that the stronger your staff, the better the service you can provide. Learn how to hire and manage the ideal team.

Refinance and Expansion

Money is sometimes required to organize your hotel better and expand your business.

A resort loan is an excellent option to refinance debts; it has more predictable costs and decreases monthly payments. This also frees the funds to think larger, such as in terms of growth. Expansion, of course, necessitates capital, which a hotel loan provides.

Reasons Why Business Loans Are A Must For Hotels And Resorts Post Pandemic

The temporary prohibition of internal and international travel, as well as containment operations, caused mayhem in the hospitality business. Resorts and resort proprietors not only lost money but often went bankrupt as a result of a lack of business. Many companies may have even closed owing to a lack of money.

Tourism is thriving worldwide now that Covid-19 is generally under control, and the global economy is working hard to revive itself. This is assisting in the revitalization of firms in this sector, such as airlines, hotels, and restaurants.

Those who own a hotel or restaurant can apply for business loans to help them recover from the epidemic and expand their operations. 

Maintenance and Renovation: Clean and pleasant rooms, delicious meals, and recreational amenities such as a pool, gym, or spa are among the top priorities for most travelers. Any resort or hotel that delivers these amenities will have a competitive advantage.

Many hotels and resorts, however, were shuttered or operating at reduced capacity for several months. Reopening may now need some maintenance, restoration, or repair of defective equipment. In such instances, a company loan might be helpful.

Expansion: If a hotel or resort currently has a property, it is possible to contemplate expanding into a new city or town. Being present in several cities or towns attracts more people. A business loan might be an excellent source of financing for this purpose.

Marketing: Opening a hotel isn’t the end of the story. A dynamic marketing plan that promotes the hotel’s brand and maximizes its exposure through websites and other forms of promotion is critical to survival. It is possible to accomplish so by assembling a specialized team or outsourcing.

Hotel marketing generates money by emphasizing the property’s distinguishing qualities and how it outperforms its competitors.

The next step is to list the hotel on famous websites such as Agoda, MakeMyTrip,, and so on. It enables users to book hotels directly and avoid the intrusion of non-direct methods.

Licenses and Regulations: The hotel industry necessitates several permits and registrations. Noncompliance with statutory requirements can lead to legal issues, sanctions, and even the permanent liquidation of a corporation. Licensing may need upgrades to hotel equipment or rooms, as well as additional costs. A company loan may cover such expenditures.

Recruitment: Hiring qualified personnel for front desk, management, and other back-end activities is another critical component that cannot be overlooked. This is especially essential because many restaurants would have laid off much staff at the height of the epidemic and would now need personnel to reopen.

Process of Availing a Business Loan for Resort

Learn about your criteria

  • Understanding why you want to fund toward obtaining a hotel business loan
  • Evaluate your alternatives, your financial situation, and the area where you are an expert in the hotel line

Choose the best lender

  • Several financial organizations and lenders offer hotel loans. You must select the appropriate lender to obtain the loan you require
  • Understand the different loan options available. It enables you to choose the loan which will meet your needs

Verify your eligibility

  • Eligibility requirements vary by company
  • Be aware of the processing and closing fees
  • This, too, differs according to the financial institution selected. To learn more about this, contact your lender. Additionally, be sure to verify interest rates and payback conditions
  • Make an application for hotel business financing
  • Required Documentation

List of the Business Loan Customer Profiles

  • Self-Employed Professionals (SEP) – Allopathic doctors, chartered accountants, company secretaries, and architects practicing their profession. Proof of qualification – document to be shared
  • Self-Employed Non-Professionals (SENP) – Traders and manufacturers, retailers, Proprietors, service providers, etc
  • Entities – Partnerships, Limited Liability Partnership, Private Limited, and closely held Limited companies. Other constitution types depend on their profile on a case-to-case basis

Highlights of Business Loans for Hotels & Restaurant

  1. Maximum loan amount of upto Rs. 2 crores
  2. The overdraft facility is not available
  3. Approval within 72 hours
  4. Only a few documents required for the application

Eligibility Criteria for Business Loan for Resort

The bare essentials defining the eligibility criteria of a loan for hotel purchase can be tabulated as under:

  • The business must be operational for an uninterrupted period of 6 months.
  • The turnover should be a minimum of Rs.90000 or more for three months preceding the loan application.
  • The business must not be included in the blacklist for finance.
  • The location of the company must not be in the restricted category list.

Documents Required for Business Loan for Resort

Resort loans can be extended to Proprietor, Private Limited Company, Limited Liability Company, or Partnership Company. Accordingly, the documents required for the different entities are summarized as follows:

  • Address Proof of the business.
  • Business Registration Proof: Any of the following are accepted as valid:
  • Business Registration Certificate
  • GST Filing
  • TIN 7
  • Trade License 
  • VAT Registration 
  • PAN card of the Proprietor and Business / Company, if applicable.
  • Aadhaar Card of the Proprietor
  • Copy of Partnership Deed.
  • Bank statement for the previous 1 year.
  • ITR if the loan amount exceeds Rs.10L

Interest Rates for Business Loans for Resorts

Rate of interest

17% – 27%

Processing fees

2%- 3% of the loan amount

Loan statement charges


Interest & principal statement charges


EMI bounce charges

Up to Rs. 3000 (Inclusive of applicable taxes)

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Loan for Resort FAQs:

1. What do NBFCs check before giving a business loan?

NBFCs assess the company’s debt repayment history, the quality of your services, and whether you have a good reputation. The lender will also evaluate the private investment into the company and the business purchases and retained revenue.

2. What is the difference between primary security and collateral security?

Primary security is the investment created out of the credit facility raised by the borrower or directly associated with the borrower's business. Collateral security is any other security given for the said credit facility.

3. What tax benefit can be availed by taking a Resort loan?

1. The business loan interest amount is tax exempted 2. The principal loan amount is not tax deductible and does not provide any tax benefit 3. The interest paid on a business loan is primarily taken from the gross earnings 4. A personal loan raised for business purposes is also tax deductible 5. It helps in the reduction of the aggregate tax amount to be paid 6. Tax liability is estimated by removing business expenditures from total business income 7. To avail the removal of interest, you must fulfill a few essential criteria specified by the lenders 8. Repayment amount that is a form of EMI is not tax deductible

4. Is the principal amount on the business loan not tax-deductible?

The principal amount on a business loan is not tax deductible. You are not mandated to pay income tax for the borrowed money. However, you cannot deduct it from your gross earnings.

5. What is the maximum term for a resort loan?

The term loans are approved for 3 to 7 years, with a moratorium duration not surpassing 18 months. Any working capital facility approved in the form of cash credit or letter of credit is renewable each year and is repayable on request.
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