Aadhar Card Password – How to Open E-Aadhaar PDF


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Aadhaar Card Password

Aadhaar Card is the document that carries that 12-digit unique social security identity of all Indians. It can be possessed by all Indian residents and that document is a repository of the resident’s biometric and demographic information. The creation of the database and executing all the policies are being done by the UIDAI or the Unique Identification Development Authority of India.

How to find the e-aadhaar password?

You can download the electronic copy of the card from the link provided by the UIDAI. The downloaded file is usually in PDF format and is password protected. The password is constituted of 8 characters. The 8 characters is usually the first four letters of the person’s first name, written in capital letters and the last four letters is usually the birth year of the citizen.

The password increases the security cover of the file and given the PDF format is a digitally stable file, having the password enhances the encryption of the file. The knowledge of the password is of great importance especially if someone misplaces the original copy of the Aadhaar or it gets destroyed due to any mishap.

Downloading the E-Aadhaar?

Visit the official UIDAI website – https://eaadhaar.uidai.gov.in/ and follow the steps mentioned below to download the electronic copy of your Aadhaar.

  • The first tab that you will come across is the personal details section. You can either fill in the enrolment ID that you got in the acknowledgment receipt. The enrolment ID is a 14-digit number. You can also fill in your 12-digit Aadhaar card number.
  • In the next step, you will need to fill in your full name. The name that you are filling in should match the name that you used while registering with the UIDAI.
  • The next tab should contain your postal code and your correspondence address which you had used in the original registration.
  • You will be then asked to recreate the exact image in the form of text in the next row for verification purposes.
  • Enter the mobile number which is already registered in the UIDAI repository.
  • The website will send you a one-time verification password in your registered mobile number.
  • Use that verification number on the tab on screen. Click on the validate and download button.
  • A PDF file will be downloaded automatically.

How to Open e-Aadhaar Card PDF after Downloading?

How To Open E-Aadhaar Card Pdf After Downloading?

Downloading aadhaar card with face authentication

You can visit the UIDAI website and follow the steps:

  1. Enter your unique identification number
  2. Enter the captcha provided to you
  3. Click on the face auth feature for aadhaar download using face
  4. The web camera will scan your face
  5. The scanned image will be cross-referenced with the image in the UIDAI database
  6. After verification, you will be asked to take a survey
  7. Follow this with clicking on the click and verify tab
  8. The electronic copy of the aadhaar will start downloading automatically.

Benefits of e-Aadhaar card

Firstly, if you have updated your personal information with the UIDAI, you need not go and visit their official centers to avail the updated aadhaar. After your aadhaar card downloadyour updated information will be reflected on the same.

Since aadhaar is an equivalent to the social security identification of most of the countries in the west, the government is trying and affiliating most individual documents with aadhaar to get a more holistic perspective of the individual and have a fair idea about his all-round profile. With the help of aadhaar individuals can also become a part of beneficiary schemes and subsidies. Apart from these well-known benefits, there are other uses of Aadhar as well.

  1. Direct Benefit Transfer:  this scheme entails that when you link your aadhaar with your bank accounts you get money or benefits of subsides directly transferred to your account. Mostly the schemes in question are subsidy schemes and unemployment benefits. The other schemes that fall in the territory of DBT are LPG reimbursements and MGNREGS. It was also touted that Crop insurance benefits would also be included but a lot of proxy beneficiaries were excluded.
  2. Biometric records: the biometric attendance facilities once linked to the database is going to help public offices in keeping better tabs on late arrivals into the office and also people who are not coming at all. The glaring problem of delays and faulty functioning of public offices can be improved with this system. A lot of people will also be at an advantage, especially those who are regular. These records can be of help when they are considered for appraisal.
  3. Miscellaneous uses: it has been suggested that everyone should possess aadhaar. People who have aadhaar have found that they could get their passports done in a couple of weeks’ time. The ministry of external affairs also finds it useful and wants to link aadhaar with passport. Aadhaar information today is also important while buying a SIM card and the ministry in charge also wants to link aadhaar and SIM. Election commission of India has also put forth their suggestion of linking aadhaar with photo identification of the voter. This system can be a game changer in the Indian voting culture as it can stop counterfeit voters.
  4. Employees Provident Fund Organization of India: this organization which is primarily responsible to provide PF to retired employees has not only linked the PF accounts with Aadhaar but is now working with the UIDAI as their registrar.
  5. Ration cards: There are few states which have taken on the responsibility of linking aadhaar card to ration card to prevent the spread of counterfeit ration cards.

Important things to remember about Aadhaar card

  • One cannot download aadhaar card if their mobile number is not registered with UIDAI
  • UIDAI sends an OTP in the registered mobile number for verification before the card is downloaded
  • Without the OTP the card cannot be downloaded
  • Downloaded aadhaar can be used in place of the hard copy anywhere.

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Aadhaar Card Password FAQs:

1. Can Aadhaar card be updated online?

Yes, Aadhaar card can be updated online if one goes to the UIDAI website and updates information. The updated information will be present in the latest electronic copy of your aadhaar.

2. Can aadhaar card be used as a proof for birth?

Ideally, people tend to use Voter Identification but yes Aadhar card is valid as well.

3. Where are the places where Aadhaar card is mandatory?

aadhaar is mandatory these days in issuing of passport, people also ask for aadhaar information while issuing sim cards.

4. Where can I update aadhaar card information near me?

ideally you can update your information in the UIDAI portal but there are centers near you that you can find out by looking up the internet. Similarly, you can follow this for Aadhaar card correction

5. Can aadhaar card be misused?

if the physical copy is misplaced then fraudsters can take undue advantage of your financial profile by using your unique identification number.

6. How to link Aadhaar card with mobile number?

Aadhaar card mobile number link is an easy job. Visit the company outlet to complete an e-KYC process. Give your fingerprint information to complete the process.

7. Can we delete aadhaar?

install the mAadhar app and follow the instruction carefully to delete information.

8. Can the updated aadhaar card be delivered?

after downloading an electronic copy of the updated file, the card will be sent via post to your address.

9. Do I have to submit aadhaar password when I apply for loan?

yes, aadhaar password is mandatory when you are applying for personal loan and as well as credit card.

10. How long does it take for the hard copy of Aadhaar to be delivered?

Ideally it takes five working days to get the copy by speed post.

11. What Is a masked Aadhaar card?

this is a security measure that involves masking the first eight digits of your unique ID and using only the last four digits.

12. Is umang app compatible with IOS and android for downloading aadhaar?

yes, it is compatible with both and you can download aadhaar from the Umang app.

13. What is the order aadhaar reprint service?

the government has made provisions to reprint the aadhaar card for nominal charges in case an individual loses or misplaces his card.

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