How to Earn Commission of 2.5% – Become a business loan DSA agent with Lendingkart


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How To Earn Commission Up To 2.5% By Becoming Business Loan Dsa Agent With Lendingkart

A DSA loan agent, also known as a direct selling agent, is a person who works for a non-banking financial institution (NBFC). One of the leading NBFCs across India is Lendingkart. You can register at Lendingkart and become a successful DSA Loan Agent. The role of a DSA is to handle the applicant’s loan procedure as well as other administrative formalities. For the work you do as a DSA Agent you can earn a commission of 2.5% and more which can be a great way of earning extra income. 

A DSA’s job is to look out for potential customers and act as a solid bridge between them and Lendingkart. DSAs will accomplish this by looking for persons who are looking for a loan. These leads are then forwarded to Lendingkart, and the loan process will commence. Let’s go through the process of how to become a Business Loan DSA agent with Lendingkart.

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How to become a DSA agent

You can simply register for DSA online at Lendingkart by carefully following the steps below:

  • The following step is to complete the payment.
  • After you’ve finished paying and submitting your application, Lendingkart will contact you to verify your paperwork for DSA partner registration.
  •  Lendingkart legal team will begin the due procedure by reviewing your documentation, previous credit history, and credit score.
  •  Lendingkart will submit the DSA agreement once all of the documentation and essential information have been checked by them and they are happy with your application.
  • The agreement is signed and then submitted.
  • A DSA loan agent will be issued to you by Lendingkart

DSA and their commission

The DSA pay-out is determined as a percentage of the loan amount borrowed by the referred customer through Lendingkart. The different loans offered at Lendingkart are, 


DSA commission on a personal or business loan is calculated depending on the possible leads acquired from a loan agent and converted into a deal. A DSA can pocket at least 1% as commission for completing a personal or business loan of Rs 10 lacs. If the loan amount requested is larger, the DSA pay-outs rate is higher. For amounts over 30 lacs, 1.5 percent is provided, and for amounts over 50 lacs, 2 percent is offered.

Ninety Percent of the generated commission is usually paid once the loan has been disbursed for the first time. After a successful loan application, a loan is deemed disbursed when the first disbursement is made to an individual.


Loan agents might earn a substantial commission when selling a loan on the property to a person. The DSA reward for securing a loan contract worth 1 crore INR is 0.3 percent. It means that the loan agent can earn Rs. 30,000 for a successful loan sanction of Rs. 1 Cr. Similarly, for loans exceeding Rs 1 crore, 0.5 percent is given. 


If the finance organization they work for offers vehicle and gold loans, loan agents might earn a commission by selling them. For a confirmed sanction of Rs. 1 crore, the commission offered is 0.2 percent. For deals valued more than a crore, a dividend of 0.3 percent is granted.


Today, Housing loans are the most popular type of borrowing. Selling housing loans can make a loan agent or a DSA a lot of money. Currently, Lendingkart charges a 0.2 percent commission on transactions over Rs. 1 crore. For deals worth more than a crore, a 0.25 percent dividend is granted. Also, if a top-up loan is approved instead of a home loan, a commission will be paid on that as well. A loan agent’s incidental and travel expenses incurred in connection with the loan offer are included in the DSA commission. Adding to the fee due, Lendingkart additionally pays the GST. Income tax regulations must be followed for the pay-out to be made.

Advantages of becoming a DSA loan agent at Lendingkart

  • It is not necessary to have a college diploma to work as a DSA loan representative at Lendingkart. A DSA loan agent might come from any educational background.
  • It is not a demanding profession; you can work whenever you want.
  • Students who are still enrolled in school can work as DSA loan agents.
  • Each loan obtained with your referral code earns you a commission. Your commission will increase as the loan amount increases.

Not only does the DSA loan agent benefit from their job but also the customer has certain benefits if they apply for a loan via DSAs, like – 

  • The agent can easily and swiftly resolve any problems you may have.
  • When it comes to the loan product you’re searching for, you have a lot of options to pick from at Lendingkart
  • If you require any after-sales service, the DSA is available.

What does a DSA loan agent get paid for each referral?

The commissions that DSA loan brokers collect from personal or company loans are the source of their income. Each loan normally comes with a commission of 1% of the loan amount. The commission percentage can rise or fall depending on the size of the loan. Depending on the institution of your organization, loans over 30 lacs may be subject to a commission of 1.5 percent to 3%. A Lendingkart DSA loan agent earns a commission of 2.5% on average.


Getting a loan from DSA is a financially rewarding alternative. The payment is calculated as a percentage of the loan amount. DSAs are sometimes known as loan officers or business correspondents. They locate customers who are interested in submitting a loan application and forward them to the appropriate financial institutions. They function as a middleman, facilitating the transaction from start to finish.

With the rise in credit demand, the demand for loan DSA has risen dramatically. As a result, the market is open and rewarding.

To summarise, the services of a loan DSA are advantageous to both financial organizations and consumers. To proceed, you do not need any special qualifications; all you need is a basic understanding of finance and the ability to persuade others with good interpersonal skills and efficiency. Register and become a Business Loan DSA Agent at Lendingkart and earn a commission of 2.5% and more.

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