Aadhaar PVC – How to Apply & Get Aadhaar Smart Card?


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Aadhaar Pvc

Aadhaar Card is a 12-digit unique identification number that is given to any Indian resident by the central government. UIDAI maintains the Aadhaar Card and also stores and records the applicant’s data and biometrics. Although Aadhaar Card can be used as a single identification card, it is not meant to replace PAN, driving license, etc. It is used by various companies and government institutions for KYC verification and maintaining profiles.

Features of Aadhaar Card PVC

  • Unique – The Aadhaar Card number is unique, and system generated. Hence, it reduces the chances of fraud and misinterpretation.
  • Conceals information – As there is no way of leakage of information by sharing Aadhaar number information related to Aadhaar cardholders.
  • Safe – A person cannot impersonate another as the same can be easily detected using biometrics.

There are various forms of Aadhaar Card available by UIDAI. One such popularly used form is the Aadhaar PVC smart card, which comes with a QR Code, hologram, and photograph along with other features.

This was introduced, keeping in mind the inconvenience faced by people while using the paper-like Aadhaar Card. The paper-like Aadhaar card can be cut into a card shape or can be carried like a postcard. While the postcard form is difficult to carry and the small one gets lost easily owing to its size. Further, the card’s shape gets distorted or develops a crease over time as it is in a paper-like format and becomes dirty. So, UIDAI has introduced a credit or debit card-like form commonly known as Aadhaar PVC Card. First, let us check out the various types of Aadhar cards available.

Types of Aadhaar Cards

There are four types of Aadhaar Cards issued by UIDAI. They are:-

1. Aadhaar Letter

  • This is the most common type of Aadhaar available.
  • It is a paper-based laminated sheet in which one’s QR code and date of issue and print date are written.
  • After registration, it is sent to the applicant via ordinary post free of cost.
  • If lost, one needs to pay Rs 50 as the cost of printing for reissuing the card.

2. e-Aadhaar

  • e-Aadhaar is the virtual Aadhaar Card, which is availed through the official website of UIDAI.
  • It is digitally signed and has a QR code for verification of the same offline and issue and download date.
  • After the offline verification process is completed, e-Aadhaar is available almost immediately.
  • You can see your e-Aadhaar by logging into the portal using a registered mobile number.

3. m-Aadhaar

  • m-Aadhaar is another digital type of Aadhaar Card which is available on mobile through the official UIDAI app.
  • The official app is available on the iOS store and also on Google Play Store for downloading.
  • For using m-Aadhaar registered mobile number is required.

4. Aadhaar PVC Card

  • This is the newest form of an Aadhaar Card, which looks like a credit card. 
  • The card has more unique features like hallmarks, photographs, and other features.
  • There are various security features like embossed logos, ghost images, etc.
  • One can get this card online easily or get it printed nearby.
  • It is optional to get this card.
  • For getting this Aadhaar, one needs to pay Rs 50 as an issuing charge. The steps for getting a PVC Aadhaar Card are mentioned below.

Benefits of PVC Aadhaar Card

Although it is not mandatory to get a PVC Aadhaar Card, the PVC smart card has better quality and has a Credit/Debit Card size, which helps in carrying the same easier.

PVC Aadhaar Card Fee

Unlike a paper-like Aadhaar Card, you need to pay a fee of Rs 50 for generating a new PVC card for this one. Below is a stepwise process for ordering PVC Aadhaar cards.

Ordering PVC Aadhaar Card Online

The PVC Aadhaar Card can be ordered online only. Further, you need to have an existing Aadhaar Card (m-Aadhaar/Paper-like Aadhaar/e-Aadhaar).

Below mentioned are the steps to buying a PVC Aadhaar Card online.

  • Step 1 – Visit the official UIDAI website only – https://uidai.gov.in/. Go to the My Aadhaar section. Select under sub menu – Order Aadhaar PVC Card.
  • Step 2 – On this page, you need to enter any one of the following: 16-digit Virtual ID, 12-digit Aadhaar number, or 28-digit EID. After that, you are required to enter the security code and click on send OTP on your registered number. Enter & submit OTP. 
  • Step 3 – On the next page, one can see their Aadhaar card details: date of birth, gender, name, address, and photograph. 
  • Step 4 – If a person finds any missing or incorrect, or outdated information, you can update your Aadhaar information.
  • Step 5 – Select the ‘Make Payment’ button. You get redirected to the payment page. One is required to pay Rs 50. There are various payment options available like debit cards, credit cardss, net banking, etc.
  • Step 6 – Choose the suitable payment option for paying Rs 50. On completion of your application form for a PVC card, choose one of the payment options & download one receipt once the payment is completed. The SRN or Service Request Number generated by the system gets displayed on the webpage.
  • Step 7 – It usually takes 15 days to get your PVC Aadhaar Card, which one can track using the SRN number. Thus, your Aadhaar PVC Card is ordered.

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Aadhaar PVC Smart Card FAQs:

1. How to track the status of my PVC Aadhaar Card?

For tracking the status of PVC Aadhaar Card, one needs to visit the UIDAI website & go to the subsection ‘Check Aadhar PVC Card Status’ under ‘My Aadhaar’ menu. Enter SRN number and OTP to check the status.

2. Is it mandatory to get a PVC Aadhaar Card even though I have a paper-like Aadhaar?

It is not mandatory to have a PVC Aadhaar Card if you have Aadhaar in any of the above four forms.

3. For those without a registered mobile number, can they get an Aadhaar PVC card?

Yes, they can. Instead of sending ‘OTP via registered number,’ one can choose to send OTP at their unregistered number. For this, one needs to visit the official website of IRDAI, go to ‘My Aadhaar’ subsection, enter their 12 digit Aadhaar number, and choose get OTP at an unregistered number.

4. Can one have an Aadhaar Card in multiple forms?

Yes, one can have an Aadhaar Card in multiple forms.

5. What is ‘Order Aadhaar Card service?

It is the latest service available at UIDAI, which allows the Aadhaar holder to print their PVC card at any Aadhaar Enrollment center by paying nominal charges.

6. What are the Security Features of Aadhaar PVC Card?

The card has multiple security features like:- ● Embossed Aadhaar Logo ● Ghost image ● Guilloche Pattern ● Hologram ● Issue Date & Print Date ● Micro text ● Secure QR Code

7. What are the different modes of paying for a PVC Aadhaar Card?

The different modes for paying for PVC Aadhaar are:- ● Debit Card ● Credit Card ● Net banking ● UPI ● M-banking

8. What is the AWB number?

It is the assignment number allotted by the India Speed Post, which is used to track your PVC Aadhaar Card location.

9. What if there are some changes required in PVC Aadhaar Card?

If there is any mistake in printing, one needs to report it to the Aadhaar Enrolment Centre or if one wants to change any details but can be done at the portal of UIDAI & reissue the PVC Aadhaar Card.

10. Can I apply for an Aadhaar PVC Card through any website?

No, one needs to apply for an Aadhaar PVC Card using the UIDAI website only.

11. Can I apply for an Aadhaar PVC Card offline?

There is no process mentioned by UIDAI for applying for an Aadhaar PVC card offline.

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