How to Make Money from Home in India?


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How To Make Money From Home In India

In the past two years, due to the ongoing pandemic, everyone had to work from home. Work from home has its own perks. We can work in the comfort of our home and manage other things. The biggest perk of working from home is that there is no commute time. So, we get lots of time on our hands. With time on your hand, you can utilize it to make money online. Making money online or from home is easy. You do not have to invest much other than your time in it. Following are the ways through which you can earn money by working from home in India:

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  • Freelancing: Becoming a freelancer is the favourite type of work for people who want to earn extra something. Here, you get to explore your skills and work in the timeframe you think is convenient to you. There are no restrictions on the work. You can choose to work with someone, or you cannot work with someone. The most significant merit of freelancing is that you can work from anywhere and anytime. Freelancing opens the way to the skill you possess or something about which you are passionate. In today’s scenario, the most demanding skills are graphic designing and content or copywriting.
  • DSA agent: DSA agents or Direct Selling Agents are the personals that help clients with their loans. They help the client with the loan application and the other technicalities behind it. In return, banks or NBFCs pay commission to the DSA agents for securing them a client. DSAs don’t need particular skill sets or educational qualifications. Anyone can become DSA. All you need is to register yourself with the bank or NBFC with which you wish to work with. The loans that are availed through your referral code will earn you commissions. That bank or NBFC pay you. The commission is the percentage of the loan amount that is availed through you. You get paid immediately after the loan is availed. FinTech institutes like Lendingkart pay commission on the same day of loan disbursal. 
  • Stock market: The stock market though carrying certain risks it also excites the people. Most people prefer to invest in the market because it earns them better returns than other ventures. Also, once you understand the workings of the market, you can mitigate the risk by diversifying your portfolio or timing the market. The stock market investment won’t need any finance degree. Individuals without much knowledge of the market can also invest in it. You need a small capital to invest in. you can start from as low as Rs. 500 in the beginning, in the various market-related schemes.
  • Blogging: Blogging is part-time or full-time work, depending upon how you wish to pursue it. Blogging requires you to have a particular skill set and time management. You won’t get revenues straight away. It will take time, but slowly, you can better return on the time and energy you are investing in. you can earn through ad revenue or by getting clients and writing for them or about them. You can also freelance as a blog writer for other people and write their blogs for them.
  • Data entry job: Data entry is one of the most common jobs that people do for extra money. You do not need a specific degree for a data entry job. You need a good internet connection, laptop or PC, and a fair understanding of Microsoft Excel and other Ms-office tools. In the beginning, you might get fewer returns, but as you move ahead and get experienced, you can charge per hour depending upon your eye for accuracy.
  • Affiliate marketing: Affiliate marketing or the affiliate program is the easiest and the cheapest way through which you can earn money. You can either get sponsored products from the client or register yourself with the various affiliate programs. These programs pay you to commission on each product sold through your referral. In order to earn more from affiliate marketing, you need to have a strong internet presence; your copywriting skills should be good. If you get sponsored product, then the product owner could send you the script; otherwise, you need to develop the script and convince readers about the product.   
  • Online tuitions: Covid19 pandemic brought the paradigm shift in the education system. With schools and colleges closed, everything went online. If you have a knack for teaching, you can try online tuitions. You can also start making video content on YouTube. You can choose to sell your services or earn from YouTube’s ad revenue programs. Many educational institutions on YouTube offer part-time work to students or freelancers. Apart from video content and teaching, there are certain websites through which you can teach by texting or providing worksheets to students. You need to have extensive knowledge about the subject that you teach. With experience, you can work for pay by hour method.
  • Consultant: If you have experience in the fields like finance, information technology, health, or any business, then you can work as a consultant. You can do this by having an affiliation with the firm or charging the clients. You can either work as a full-time or part-time consultant, depending on your skillset and experience in the field.
  • Content writer: Content writers have a huge demand in the market. If you like writing or have the required skills, you can pursue it as a career or as part-time work. In addition, many established bloggers or companies need someone to write content for their websites. Content writing work can be done freelance and at anytime and anywhere you want. Depending upon your experience and client, your earning will increase over the years.

These are the ways through which you can earn money online by sitting at home in India. But, of course, you can opt for the one better suited to you and your skillset. Although most of the jobs mentioned above are part-time, you can also pursue them as a career and work from the comfort of your home.

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