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Pan Card Status Uti Online

The spurt in technological progress over the decades has resulted in a revolutionary transformation in our governance mechanisms. The most visible effect of this is seen in the domain of citizen empowerment. The use of technological means has brought a paradigm shift in the way citizens use services meted out to them by the government. This has been tantamount to the maximum deployment of e-tools and a minimum reliance on others. Needless to say, the atmosphere of governance has become considerably transparent and smooth in recent times.

One important area in which government services are rendered is the issue of cards and documents as proofs of identity. PAN card is one of the important documents possessed by Indian nationals. Application for a PAN card can be made in government recognized centers and even online on the website of UTI.

Tracking Pan Status Post Application

After the application for PAN Card is made, the applicant can himself track the status of the application from the point of application to its final approval and despatch.  Similarly, the application made for correction of details of a PAN Card can also be tracked in a similar fashion. Following any application pertaining to enrolment or updation the concerned applicant receives an Application No.

The entry of this number in the UTI Portal or on the BACK Portal will enable to track the status of the application.

Steps to Follow

The steps to be followed to track the status of the application are outlined below:

  • log into the site for checking our tracking status on the UTI Portal –
  • You can either enter the Application Coupon number or the number on PAN Card
  • The Captcha Code must be entered for verification purposes and then the submit button must be clicked
  • Clicking on the Submit button following the entry of these details will allow you to now the status of our PAN Card or Application Status.

Services offered by UTIITSL PAN India

UTI Infrastructure and Technology Services Limited or UTIITSL offers various outsourcing and technological services like:

  • Registrar and services of Transfer for Mutual funds
  • Registrar and services of Transfer Agent’s for companies
  • PAN services by UTIITSL like application of a new PAN card, corrections or changes in PAN card, changes in PAN card, verification of PAN or PAN centre details
  • IT Infrastructure and IT Enabled Services

There is another option available to check the application status through another portal, namely the NSDL portal. To do so, the following steps can be followed:

  • Open the “ Track PAN Status” page on the NSDL site  –
  • proceed to the “ Application Type” option on the portal and choose the “ PAN- New/Change Request” option.
  • Type the 15 digit Acknowledgement Number and the Captcha Code displayed
  • On clicking the Submit button, the status of PAN Application will be displayed on the screen.

Services offered by NSDL PAN India

National Securities Depository Limitedor NSDL offers various outsourcing and technological services like:

  • Application of TAN
  • Application, status check, and correction of PAN card
  • Filing of E-TDS, Annual information return or E-TCS
  • Registration facility of AIN
  • E-Return intermediary

To check the PAN card using Name and DOB:

The TIN- NSDL portal – has further contributed to citizen empowerment through the provision of options to track Application Status with the help of one’s name and Date of Birth. The steps to be followed for the same are outlined below:

  • Open the “ Track PAN Status” page on the NSDL site
  • Select the “ PAN- New/ Change Request” option
  • Choose “ Name” to check the corresponding status using the name and not the Application Number
  • Enter the First Name, Last Name, Middle Name (if any) and Date of Birth
  • Clicking on the Submit button will give the status of Application.

Tracking Pan Status Using Mobile Phone

While the use of the computer is obviously encouraging, there can be no better option than the use of a mobile phone to track the status of PAN Card or Application. This is so because it is the one device that everybody generously carry is in the fast-paced world and thus they have been tailored to suit the demands of people. Thus a mobile phone is a portable and cheaper version of a computer today.

  • To be able to track PAN STATUS online using cell phones or  telephone you should dial the call centre of TIN on 020-27218080.  Follow the steps and directions given during the telephonic conversation. You will have to dial the 15 digit application number to know the final status of application.
  • Youcan also track the status of application using SMS facility. It is important to note at the outset that such a facility can be availed only after 3 days from the date of application. We need to send an SMS as – “NSDLPAN” followed by the 15-digit Acknowledgement Number to 57575. An SMS detailing the current status of PAN Application will be sent back to the same number.

Acknowledgement Number

It will be observed that in most cases mentioned above there are constant references made to a 15-digut number which must be entered to obtain the status of PAN Card. It is the number that you receive after the submission of Application.

Certain Terms of Message and Their Meanings

After the submission of Acknowledgement Number there are certain typical messages which might be displayed apart from the final status of Card.

  • If the status displayed shows “no record found” it means that the Application has not been received by the Income Tax Department. In such a case one needs to get in touch with TIN centre or PAN Card office.
  • Sometimes the message displayed says that application is under process at Income Tax office. This means that the card is at the processing stage and there are slim chances of failure.
  • Sometimes the status displayed says that the Card is under printing which implies that you will receive the Card within the next 15 days and there might be some delay only in exceptional circumstances.
  • In the case of a status that says that “Application is inwarding” you can be rest assured that the processing of Card has been completed.

In any case it is important to remember that the status of application can be checked within 7-15 days from the date of application.

How to Know PAN Card Status by Aadhaar Number?

To check PAN Card Status through Aadhaar Number, one must follow the given steps:

Validity of a PAN Card

  • The PAN card issued by the Income Tax Department comes with a lifetime validity.
  • If there are any modifications required, the applicant must contact NSDL and get the details verified.
  • The applicant needs to provide the department with relevant documents.

PAN Card Payment Status

Applicants can also know the PAN transaction status. They can track their payment using the following steps:

  • The person should visit and select PAN under services tab.
  • He/She must then click on ‘Know Status of Your Credit card/Debit card/Net Banking transaction for online application’
  • He needs to provide the transaction number which he would have received while making the online or offline payment.
  • He needs to provide personal and professional details as asked next.
  • After clicking on show status, the screen will displaythe transaction status

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PAN Card Status FAQs:

1. What are the ways in which we can check our PAN Status?

We can check our PAN Status both online on the UTI Portal and NSDL Portal. Through the offline mode, SMS and phone call in the given numbers can be of help.

2. How many days after applying can the PAN card status be tracked?

The PAN card status can be tracked after around 7-15 days from the application date.

3. Who should be contacted for PAN application regarding enquiries?

You can contact the following details for PAN application enquiries: PAN: All India Customer Care Centre Timings: 9:00AM to 8:00PM Contact: +91 33 40802999, 033 40802999 Email:

4. How can one track the postal stage when the PAN card has been dispatched?

Applicants can track the dispatch using the tracking number or by using the 15-digit acknowledgement code to ensure that the Pan has been dispatched. Tracking number will be available after the dispatch is confirmed.

5. What are the changes if the applicant gets the message ‘Your application is under process at Income Tax Department’ of failure?

It cannot be determined, as such a message simply means that the verification and scrutiny process is underway. It all depends on the authentication of the personal details and the documents that have been submitted to get the application processed. If all details are correct, the application will go through else it will be rejected.

6. Is it possible for the applicant to open a savings account using his PAN card application?

Yes, the applicant can produce his application status form or even a copy of the acknowledgement slip which contains the 15-digit acknowledgement number.

7. What is the PAN Status shows as ‘Deleted’?

In this case, it is highly recommended to contact the officials of the department as soon as possible.

8. What is an applicant applied for a PAN card through both NSDL and UTI?

In this case only the first acted application will lead to the application of PAN and the second application will be rejected. If there is any amount that has been paid for the second application, it will be non-refundable.

9. Is it possible to download PAN card online?

Yes, it’s possible by visiting the NSDL portal and mentioning personal details along with a Captcha code.

10. What is the difference between a UTIO and a NSDL PAN card?

UTI and NSDL both work under the Income Tax Department of India, take same processing time for PAN Application and both provide PAN card services in India. But NSDL has higher number of office and franchise in India.

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