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What is an Invoice?

Invoice usually terms as a bill or a tab. It is a document used for commercial purposes given by the seller to the buyer for any transaction done on the sale of goods, services, products, or any quantity on the agreed prices between both the parties. It also mentioned the due date and any applicable discounts, including taxes that are to be levied on that purchase.

What is an Online Invoice?

These days, invoices and bills are transmitted electronically through the internet, which can be printed and filed to maintain a record. Standards and details of these invoices vary from country to country. AN online Invoice is different from a receipt with common details like product sold, price of contents, nature of products, calculated tax, but invoice is generated as a bill of money that the purchaser owes to the company. In contrast, a receipt is an acknowledgment of the payment done by the buyer towards the invoice.

Features of an Online Invoice:

The following particulars are mandatory to be placed on an invoice, and many online applications are available like ours to create an online invoice for a specific brand or company: Company Details: The Online Invoice should have the following details of the company (seller)
  • Name of Company
  • Company’s GSTIN
  • Full address of the company
  • City/State and Pin code
  • Country
Bill to (Purchases) Details: This section gives information about the purchaser and his details:
  • Client Company’s Name
  • Client’s GSTIN
  • Full address of the client
  • City, State, and Pin Code
  • Place of supply (name of state)
  • Country
  • Important Information like:
  • Invoice Number
  • Date of Invoice
  • Due Date
Item description: This section gives details of the items that have been sold and the rate of relevant sections like:  
Description of the Item Quantity Rate per item SGST CGST Cess Total Amount
Design of the Brochure and Pamphlet 2 150 30 15 0 390
HSN/SAC of the item and its description 1 0 0 0 0 0
HSN/SAC of the item and its description 1 0 0 0 0 0
And going forward several rows can be added depending on the number of items/products sold An additional column will be added in the end stating the following:  
Sub Total 300
SGST (20%) 60
CGST (10%) 30
Discounts 0
Total 390
Specific Notes or Mandatory Information: A one-liner/ slogan may be added for example: “Thanks for doing business with us.” Or any other management related quote or slogan. Terms and Conditions: In this section, the issuing company (seller) can add the relevant terms and conditions of his company like:
  • Payment to be made by the due date
  • Possible Legal intricacies
  • Essentials of the Invoice
  • Payments terms
  • Highlight guarantees and warranties
  • Online Payment details
  • Late Payment charges
And other conditions that the seller would like to add on his invoice. Logo and Stamp of Company: For an added ethnicity to the invoice, a stipulated logo or a digital signature of the company head must be added at the end of the invoice. It helps to avoid forgeries and duplicities and helps to maintain proper documentation in the accounts department.  Benefits of an Online Invoice:
  • Easy and hassle-free documentation:
Now creating and issuing an invoice is just a click away. The entire process is quite user friendly for newbies as well; it saves a lot on time, effort, and cost.
  • Sending of invoices to far-off and overseas clients:
It has been quite a trouble and expensive to make paper bills and send it to clients living far off. Maintenance and postal charges have always been painful, but now using technology and multiple online options, you can simply send a soft copy of the invoice to anyone anywhere.
  • Reduced paperwork:
Keeping sustainability and being environmentally friendly in mind, this is the best way to conserve and protect our tree by saving on paper and the tormenting documentation process, instead just keeping an online back up of files that can easily be accessed anytime.
  • Saves money:
To apply for online invoicing is an onetime charge. The benefit can be availed for years to come, updating and upgrading the technology time and again, whereas paperwork for the same is quite an expensive job taking postal charges, storage, and filing into consideration.
  • Enhances the capability of tracking and monitoring:
It is easy to track the invoice and look after pending dues or payments by just referring to online files and stored data. It eliminates the hurdles of going through umpteen files of paper, and everything can be backed up using various methods of technology.
  • Lower risk:
This practice lowers the risk of bad debts due to multiple reminders that can be set online, lowers the cost due to its easy and proper maintenance, and lowers the risk of lost information due to disadvantages of paper invoices.
  • Mobile accessibility:
An online invoice can be sent anywhere, given to anybody. It can be customized auto-filled and personalized as per the choice of the seller and the buyer.
  • Professional approach:
Its usage is more approachable, authentic and professional as compared to a paper bill 
  • Quick reporting:
It is a time-saving exercise and just a click away. 

Free GST Invoice Generator FAQs:

1.Is it compulsory for a company to have an online invoice system?

Although it is not mandatory under any lay but is very convenient for both the seller and the buyer because of its easy maintenance, mobility, and access.

2. am not a tech-savvy person and have never worked on computers, should I go for Online Invoicing?

Online Invoicing is a user-friendly interface and simple and easy to use like you use your smartphone. All details are pre-applied, and you just must fill in the basic information. You don’t have to be tech-savvy for that, and it will save you a lot of effort.

3. Do I need to create different types of invoice formats for different product dealers like traders, customers, raw material handlers, etc.?

No, one format would do for all kinds of transactions.

4. s there a facility to auto-populate credentials on an e-invoice?

Yes, the facility to auto-populate company details and description is available on our portal.

5. Will I be able to specify the currency in which the product is dealing with?

By default, the currency will be INR, but yes, it can be specified in any other currency also.

6.How can we add a discount on different rates in the invoice?

There will be a template in the drop-down menu from where you can add the discount percentage provided by you, and it would automatically reflect on your invoice calculating the net amount payable.

7. How can I send an invoice to the purchaser?

Avoiding paperwork and courier charges, you can send a soft copy to the client through the internet using your email, messenger, or other electronic media. You can sign, scan, and send a copy, too or add digital signatures if required.

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