Barcode Registration – How to Apply Online, Types, Fees, Process


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Barcode Registration

Barcodes are vertical lines that are etched on a product which can then be scanned electronically to enable identifying and locating each product with the help of details mentioned on it. These details include product number, batch number, serial number, and additional identification marks. Due to the increase in industrialisation, this process has become a need of the hour as once barcode registration is done, product information can be done from the database instantly.

What is a Barcode?

Those vertical lines that you can see on any product when you are out shopping is called a barcode. It is basically a machine-readable image and is encrypted with parallel vertical lines with spacing and numbers, uniquely identifying each product. Often, when at a store, a product could be out of stock which can be quite disappointing. With a barcode, this issue can be resolved within seconds as the store clerk can check on his or her database and let you know which branch the required item will be available. This is an international process and makes identification of items beyond convenient and easy.

Advantages of Barcode Registration

Be it anywhere, malls, cinemas, general stores, grocery stores, supermarkets, etc. a barcode registration proves to be a beneficial process for all. A few of its inherent advantages include;

  • Easy Identification of the Product details – It is a global identification or recognition system that helps to scan the products at a faster pace.
  • Error Elimination – It removes the possibility of human error by completely eliminating manual entry and giving precise data. It additionally assists all the major departments in finding accurate information without unnecessary delays.
  • Time-Saving – The process of identifying the required product takes only a few seconds as all one has to do is scan the printed barcode affixed to the item and its details are displayed on the monitor immediately.
  • Improves Inventory Control – Barcode registration saves time for it makes it an easy and convenient process to track the items in stock at several branches which is of great help to all the supply chain departments.
  • Budget-Friendly – It is inexpensive to design and print. Moreover, barcodes can be customized as per the requirement in a cost-effective way.
  • Promotes Better Decision Making – The scanned Barcodes provide reliable data to the customers which helps them to take better decisions. This ultimately saves their time and money.
  • Detailed Information – Every barcode on the product will have every detail such as product code, batch numbers and serial numbers, making barcode registration a stellar concept.
  • Quick Billing – The price is always on the barcode so in case of misplacing or a mix and match of the price tag, the barcode will always give the right pricing at the billing counter, thus making billing extremely swift and convenient.
  • Unique Identification – Since no two products worldwide will have the same barcode, this form of identification is unique to only one product, making it one of the most convenient methods of segregating similar items.

How are Barcodes Used in Businesses?

We have already established the unique use of barcodes and all their advantages. Mentioned below are some of the uses of barcodes in businesses.

1. Tracking of Assets

The barcode system is primarily used for tracking as well as tagging assets in the asset software systems. This is especially useful considering most businesses today hold l a large number of IT assets.

2. Database for Inventory

Several large departments and stores house over thousands of products from different genres and keeping a track of them manually would just be a nightmare, and quite frankly, impossible. Through this code, literally all the steps of the product, right from manufacture to its final sale are kept recorded with barcodes.

3. Tracking of Returns

Barcodes are also very useful for tracking products that are being returned. This helps for physical stores but more helpful when it comes to online transactions. Barcodes are also attached to the invoices in many cases so that payments from customers can easily be tracked.

Types of Barcodes

There are various types of barcodes, which you can choose from depending on the type of product, assets or inventory. Have a look at the different types of barcodes as stated below;

Type of Barcode

Type of Industry


Retail industry


Retail industry

Code 93

Retail, Logistics and Manufacturing

Code 39

Automotive and Defence

GS1 Databar

Retail and Healthcare

Code 128

Supply chain



Now let us have a look at how and where these barcodes are used;

1. UPC-A or UPC-E 

Universal Product Code – It is used to label and scan goods at point of sale in the US, Canada, UK, Australia and New Zealand

2. EAN-13

European Article Number is a 13 digit number for point of sale scanning specifically in Europe

3. Code 93

It enables additional security and it is a safe alternative to Code39

4. Code 39

Code 3 Of 9 – It encodes only 39 characters and is used in the automotive industry as well as the US Department of Defence

5. GS1 Databar

It is used in reducing Point of Sale (POS) transaction time. It depicts the information regarding the manufacture details, match number and expiry dates for ensuring food safety

6. Code 128

It is for non POS products and supports 128 character sets

7. ITF

It encodes 14 numeric digits. This type of barcode only uses numbers for encoding

Process of Registration

The process of barcode registration is quite simple and can be done by following the steps mentioned below;

1. Log on to

2. Fill up all the requirements as mentioned

3. Upload necessary documents as mentioned

4. Choose the type of package you need and select it

5. Make the payment as per package chosen

6. Once order is placed, you shall be assigned to a representative

7. After due scrutiny and necessary approvals, your application process shall be submitted

8. Barcodes and certificates will be provided at the completion of application success

At any given time, if you need to speak to someone, there are several companies that offer these services. You can check the helpline numbers on their official website and ask for assistance.

Documents Required for Barcode Registration

The following stated documents would be required at the time of registering for barcodes;

  • Letter for requesting allotment of barcode on the company letterhead
  • PAN card of the establishment
  • A copy of the audited financial statement of the previous year
  • VAT/GST registration certificates
  • A copy of cancelled cheque of the establishment
  • Partnership deed if any
  • Certificate of incorporation
  • Memorandum of Association (MOA)
  • Articles of Association (AOA)

Payment Fees for Barcode Registration

The fees that will need to be paid for barcode registration is dependent on the following mentioned factors but will ideally range from Rs.44,000 to Rs. 220,000.

  • Company turnover
  • Period of subscription
  • Amount of barcodes needed

It is now established with the details mentioned in the article how important it is to have a barcode on products. It provides efficiency, quick service and overall improves the whole process of product identifying which can otherwise be cumbersome and inefficient. With barcode registration made easy, despite it not being a mandatory requirement by the government, every establishment is opting for it. Now with growing technology, barcodes are an absolute must and almost no company, big or small, will function without them.

Barcode Registration FAQs:

1. Do barcodes work in all shops and stores?

Yes. If the shop/store in question has registered for the barcode, then it will definitely work along with all its branches throughout the world.

2. Which are the most popular type of barcodes?

Broadly, the two main kinds or barcodes are EAN (European article number) barcodes and UPC (Universal product code) barcodes.

3. Typically what type of information is printed on GS1 barcodes?

GS1 barcodes have the manufacturer details, batch number and expiry dates (in case of food).

4. For the application process of barcodes, do I personally need to be there?

No. The entire process can be done online in easy steps without you having to make any physical visits.

5. In case I want to apply for an international barcode, can I do so in India?

Yes. If you apply via International barcodes network (IBN), you would be eligible to register for an international barcode as well.

6. Is the price of the product also denoted on the barcode?

You can encode anything you like on the barcode. However, price is not usually part of the barcode information as price tags are attached separately on products.

7. In case someone wants a product that is unavailable in the store, can the barcode help in sourcing the same in other stores?

Of course! This is the main advantage of having a barcode. No matter which store that item is in, the barcode will help source it.

8. Is there a minimum or maximum limit on how many characters can fit on a barcode?

This depends on the type of barcode in question. Whereas some barcodes can have as little as 8 characters, others can go up to 2000.

9. Can I print my own barcodes?

Once your unique GS1 number comes through, you can use a barcode label printer, barcode printing software as well as barcode labels and print them out yourself.

10. Is there a specific size for barcodes or can they be custom made as per choice?

There are specific types of barcodes with specific sizing. However, since they range from a huge size difference, it is going to be easy to find the size you are most comfortable with.

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