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What is an instant business loan, and how can I get one?

Business loans are no more a headache. Owners of the businesses can now get unsecured Instant Business Loans with minimal documentation and processing charges. Every business has its specific reason to take up a loan. Some wish to expand their businesses, purchase the latest technology machines. On the other hand, some need it to meet their daily expenses. Fortunately, there are different Instant Business Loans with multiple repayment options for different purposes. If you are looking for quick finance, apply right away!

What is an Instant Business Loan?

An Instant Business Loan is an unsecured loan that rescues the business owners from their urgent need for finance. The processing time for this loan takes just a few days. Some banks and NBFCs also provide it within a working day. And the most attractive part of this loan is that it doesn’t need borrowers to provide collateral. There are various Instant Business Loans like Instant Working Capital Loans, Instant Capital Loans, Instant Term Loans, and more. Business owners can choose one regarding their needs.

How to get an Instant Business Loan?

Getting an Instant Business Loan is simple. Visit a financial institution, learn about the loan, provide necessary documents and get one. Application forms are available online. You can get this loan from banks and NBFCs within a short period. However, the eligibility criteria can vary for every financial institution. Check out the common eligibility requirements for availing of an Instant Business Loan.

  1. Applicant must be a self-employed person
  2. Applicant’s age must range between 23 to 66
  3. Applicant must be a citizen of India
  4. Applicant must have a valid business registration
  5. The business of the applicant must be at least 3 years old
  6. The business turnover of the applicant must not be less than 20 lakhs
  7. Applicants must file IT and GST returns on time

Check out the documentation requirements for availing of an Instant Business Loan

  1. Identification proof – PAN card, Adhaar card (KYC)
  2. Bank statement for last twelve months 
  3. ITR documents of the last three years with computation
  4. Income statement and Balance sheet
  5. Residential proof
  6. Office proof 
  7. GST registration certificate
  8. GST returns

Once the applicant submits the documents, the loan will be transferred into the mentioned account on the application form. This process takes just a few days. You get the loan at the earliest possible.

What benefits do Instant Business Loans offer?

Of course, Instant Business Loans are popular. Why wouldn’t it be? These loans are a quick solution to the urgent financial needs of business owners. Moreover, it offers multiple benefits to MSMEs and other business owners. Here are some.

  1. Utilize as you like: Various business owners avail of the Instant Business Loan for various purposes. Some want to expand their business, some need it for everyday operations, some avail it for buying capital goods, and some have many other reasons. SMEs and MSMEs can always apply for this loan whenever they need quick finance, irrespective of their purpose.
  2. Collateral-free loans: These loans are collateral-free loans. This means applicants do not need to provide any security to avail of this loan. A quick loan with no collateral required sounds quite impossible, but it is true.
  3. Quick finance solution: This loan got its name from its nature. As it is an Instant Business Loan, applicants can expect an immediate finance solution with many other benefits.
  4. Reasonable repayment period: As Instant Business Loans are unsecured loans, the repayment period is usually short. Beneficiaries can repay their liabilities within 1 to 5 years. However, Banks and NBFCs offer customers different payment options.
  5. Competitive interest rates: The loan has a competitive interest rate. Moreover, the processing fee is much lower. And financial institutions don’t charge extra money for the quick procedure needed to disburse the loan. So, no tension of hidden charges.
  6. Online procedure: Business owners can apply for this loan by visiting the official websites of the preferred financial institution. You also have to submit the documents online. And when the application process ends, you can check the status frequently by visiting the site.

It’s only natural that business owners would take up loans now and then to fulfill their needs. But getting that loan after 10 to 15 days must be utterly frustrating. Instant Business Loans respect your time. The online application process hardly takes a few hours, an easy documentation process with plus short processing time. Business owners get their loans disbursed around 6 to 7 days and not more than that. If you need a quick business loan, opt for an Instant Business Loan next time.

Instant Business Loans FAQs:

1. How can Instant Business Loans benefit MSMEs?

At times MSMEs (Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises) seek collateral-free quick loans. An Instant Business Loan can be a great solution to this. Some banks and NBFCs even sanction instant loans within a business day with no extra or hidden charges.

2. What are the different types of Instant Business Loans?

Instant Business Loans can be classified based on their uses. Different businesses use it for separate purposes like covering up day-to-day expenses, buying new machinery, expanding their businesses, and so on. Here is a list. 1. Instant Term Loan, 2. Instant Capital Loan, 3. Instant Working Capital Loan, 4. Instant Invoice Financing, 5. Instant Top-up Loan

3. What is an Instant Working Capital Loan?

Especially SMEs and MSMEs use a Working Capital Loan to carry on with their day-to-day operations. And the Working Capital Loan that you can avail yourself of quickly can be called an Instant Working Capital Loan. Businesses neither buy capital goods with this loan nor use it for long-term uses.

4. How my credit score can help me in getting an instant business loan?

A credit score is a number that implies the creditworthiness of a borrower. It ranges between 300 to 850. A high credit score depicts that the borrower has a good credit history. This ensures your lender that you can be trusted with the loan, and the chances of getting an instant business loan go up.

5. Why do I need GST registration for an Instant Business Loan?

Business owners need registration under GST to file their GST returns on time. GST registration certificate and GST returns document are mandatory for availing of an instant business loan facility.
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