Bridal Boutique Business Loans

Weddings are an important event in every Indian family with celebration and with a lot of fanfare. Undaunted by the many rituals, most young couples look forward to a dream wedding ceremony.  Of late weddings have become a lucrative business opportunity with marrying couples aiming for exclusivity in it. A lot of attention and expense goes into the arrangements which under the classifications as theme weddings, destination weddings, and others. Whether it is wedding apparels, jewelry, decorations, and entertainment, the scale is getting immense by the day. Looking at the high demand, wedding professionals have been planning the event and Bridal Boutiques are churning out exclusive bridal wear and accessories. A new business model is on the horizon, opening up ample opportunities with innovative and imaginative ideas.

Requirements for setting up of bridal boutiques:

A sound business plan is essential for your business of wedding management and bridal boutique, which practically encompasses the entire gamut of components that makes for an elaborate Indian wedding.

Prerequisites of setting up Wedding / Bridal Boutique

Business space

Visible location is essential for your clients to be comfortable.

Legal compliance

Registration of the shop.

Trade License.

Trade Mark 

Create a logo and arrange for its registration.

Tax Registration 

GST registration is compulsory if the turnover exceeds Rs.20L.


Avail of permission for putting up Billboards and Hoardings.

Brand Creation

Creating a brand identity showcasing your style is essential.

The business of bridal and wedding boutique:

The patrons of Bridal Boutiques are on the lookout for exclusive wear. Apparel such as gowns, lehenga, designer sarees, and dresses along with matching accessories are in high demand in harmony with the event in India. Data reveals that expenditure to an amount of Rs. 1L crore are on Indian wedding in a single year, of which apparel alone accounts for Rs. 10K crores. The total Indian wedding market estimation is at USD 25.5 billion and growing by a whopping 20 to 25% annually. Such figures are indicative of the abundant business opportunities and scope for credit in this industry.

Business Loans for Bridal Boutique:

There is ample diversity in this business which can range from wedding invitations to brides wear, accessories, attire for the entire family, adornments, and others. It is also true that wedding budgets are increasing in search of exclusivity. Accordingly, business credits for such enterprises also vary within the overall ambit of small business loans.

Benefits of Business Loan to Bridal Boutique:

  • There are a host of products suitable for the bridal boutique business. 
  • At the digital NBFC, the processing time is quick and transparent. 
  • There are specialized business loans for women entrepreneurs with attractive features at Lendingkart.
  • Interest rates are competitive with flexible repayment options and tenor.

Types of loan offered to Bridal Boutiques:

Loans can be either Term or Line of Credit as the business pattern in such a boutique is diverse. The interest charged is at a flat rate. Granting of loans are for specific purposed like:

  1. Technology adoption and upgrade.
  2. Renovation and expansion
  3. Marketing and Publicity
  4. Payroll and hiring of new  staff.

Eligibility Criteria:

Businesspersons involved in the wedding and Bridal Boutique business need finance for their business like any other. But the glamour and glitz attached to it do not preclude their need for appropriate credit. There is no shortage of lenders from the conventional Banks to new Digital NBFC like Lendingkart. Many of the features enunciated here apply to Lendingkart, who specializes in providing small business loans at desirable terms. Let us check out the various criteria that make such business eligible for loans.

  1. The business should be in operation for at least six months continuously.
  2. The turnover over the preceding quarter should exceed Rs.90K.
  3. Proprietors, partnership, Private Limited, and Limited Liability Companies are eligible for the loan.

Documents Required:

Documentation is basically on the ownership and the lender. Digital lenders like Lendingkart are liberal in this respect seeking bare essential documents to satisfy the needs. The documents listed below is the summary in general and only indicative. The lender may request other specific documents depending on the loan and ownership of the boutique. 

  1. PAN card and other KYC documents of the borrower and the Business.
  2. Business registration certificate and proof of existence. 
  3. Partnership deed, Memorandum of Articles as applicable
  4. Proof of tax and other compliances.
  5. Specific financial statements, including bank statements, Balance sheet, P & L account statement, etc.

How to apply for a business loan for Bridal boutique?

The process varies according to the lender. The traditional brick and mortar lenders like Banks have an online facility to apply expressing your interest in the loan. The actual processing is within the bank’s premises. Digital Fintech companies like Lendingkart, on the other hand, provide a comprehensive digital platform for a seamless application process which takes just a few steps.

  1. Online submission of application.
  2. Uploading of documents in digital format.
  3. Sanction and disbursal, all within a maximum of three days.

Fees and Charges for Business Loan to Bridal Boutique:

For any business, the cost of the borrowed fund is crucial as it impacts the bottom line of the company. It makes sense to avail of loan judiciously to enable the business not only to operate but also expand and generate higher profits. The fee and other charges will vary according to the purpose of the loan, its size, tenure, and creditworthiness of the borrower. However, they can be generalized as under:

Fees and Other Features of Business Loan for Bridal Boutique

Rate of Interest

15% to 27%  per annum

Processing Fee

One-time 1% to 2% of the loan amount

Foreclosure Fee



two years to 3 years depending on the loan

Repayment method 

EMI or Fortnightly payments


Being unsecured, there is no collateral. 

Wedding / Bridal Boutique Business Loans FAQs:

1. What is the amount range of business loans offered?

It can be from Rs.50K to Rs.2Cr.

2. Who are the major patrons of Wedding and Bridal Boutiques?

Obviously the Millennials.

3. Do the social media play a role in popularizing bridal stores?

The most significant patronage coming from the Millenials and Gen Y ensure that social media play a vital role in the marketing of a bridal shop.

4. Are bridal shops technically eligible for merchant cash advances?

Yes, provided they have suitable POS terminals to facilitate payments.

5. What is the USP of digital lenders like Lendingkart?

Fast, transparent processing with no hidden costs involved.

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