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India has become one of the world’s largest emerging economies with its contribution to the global market in the past two decades. It has developed in all the fields and transport business has seen a massive growth in the past couple of years with an increase in the rate of production and their distribution to respective vendors and customers.

According to various authorised sources, the Indian government constructs almost 30 kilometres of road every year in India. Today, there is a high expectation of qualified and efficient road system among the public. This in turn has led to numerous budding entrepreneurs in connection with the network of roads.

Thereby, Lendingkart helps out people with ideas relating to running taxis, cabs, rickshaws or multi-wheelers. With an annual increase of 10% in the demand of transport related business, it will be a fruitful venture.

List Of Opportunities In The Field Of Transport

  1. Cab Servicing: If there’s any business reaching its peak in today’s economy, it is the service rendered by cabs. We live in a highly mobilized world and almost everyone orders a cab on multiple occasions in life. There are options of taking up inter-city rides, intra-city or even inter-state rides, depending up on a customer’s convenience. Thanks to the digitalization of the society, this business is equally simple and profitable.
  2. Bicycle Rentals: In recent years, there is this new business which has emerged itself in the economy. It is the renting of bicycles for the public. This new form of transport is seen rocking every metropolitan and commercial in India. This is a useful and helpful step toward growth. This business focuses mainly on the student and youngster section of the society. This will yearn a huge amount of profit for the company and will also promote social development.
  3. Logistical Services: Another business in the transport sector which is gaining popularity in recent years is the business of logistics and freight system. Due to reasons such as relocation of home or an office, expansion of business or moving of commodity from market to house, this business has gained an upper hand in the commercial platform. With all increased purchases from online portals, this business has great potential to succeed.
  4. Hospitals’ Services: Hospitals are in need of exclusive services of transport to bring in the patients during emergencies. In Indian traffic, only an ambulance can make it to the destination at the right hour and this form of business will be welcomed in the society with enthusiasm.
  5. Transportation Of Raw Materials: The rate of production in the Indian economy is at its zenith in recent years. This demands the cooperation and coordination of several businesses. This will be established through an efficient system of communication. This communication is in the form of transport and the delivery of materials in the right place at the right hour. This business is highly profitable and is greatly recommended to emerging entrepreneurs.

Be it any form of business idea in the field of transport, a detailed transport business plan will strengthen the foundation of the business frame and make the possibilities of availing a transport loan simpler.

The Difficulty Of Investment:

One of the greatest discouraging and frightening challenge faced by entrepreneurs is the challenge of investment. But there are a couple of things that a person should keep in mind before approaching any financial assisting space for that matter. They are –

  1. The person approaching the financial institution should be clear and precise on what his or her intentions are. The person should be aware of what he/she wants to do with the funds and why the person wants to engage in such a venture. When the approaching person is in a turmoil regarding his business idea, they will lose confidence of the institution.
  2. Once the business of your choice is fixed, the person is responsible for getting to know about the pros and cons of the decided business. This will in turn attain the goodwill of bankers and will fasten the process of sanctioning a loan to the person. When the person is well equipped with necessary information regarding his or her business venture, he or she will be able to present the right reasons for their motive of applying for financial assistance.
  3. One of the most vital steps towards establishing a successful business in the market is by being legally right. The person should register for a legitimate license to continue with the transport purposes. These licenses are mandatory as they also act as valid proofs during the sanction of loans.

Lendingkart aims at assisting every potential and approaching person with a business idea and producing a society of successful people. We choose our investees after meticulous scrutiny and solid proofs so that all the deserving ideas don’t go unrecognized. This will in hand, only increase the goodwill of our company to the public and will present us the opportunity to help the respective community in making their venture into a successful venture.


India has a large collection of different forms of vehicles for the purpose of transport of people, goods, scrapes etc. from rural to urban setting, there are hundreds and hundreds of vehicles catering to the needs of the public continuously. In wide demographic scale, the tertiary sector of the business world, transport has caught itself a place.

The vast range of services such as public transport, on-demand conveyance, freight transport and healthcare and many more has fortunately become the most profiting business examples in the economy. This will only be encouraged by us and will promote the healthy commencement of the potential business ideas into reality for the budding entrepreneurs.

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Transport Business Plan FAQs:

1. What are the pre-requisites of initiating a start-up business in Transport?

The first thing is to choose the right vehicle for conducting the transport business • Arrange for the necessary finances and funds to incorporate the same • License requirements and legal agreements • Insurance is Mandatory in this business • Make the business famous by doing relevant propaganda and conducting a thorough research on the demand and supply of the service • A detailed study on the top competitors • Type of work that one can start with using his transport vehicle

2. What are the different kinds of businesses one can start in the Transport Industry?

There are many businesses associated with the Transport Business but the most common ones are: • Starting a Taxi Service. • Renting Bicycles • Limousine and wedding cars service • Owner or Operational Truck Services • Moving Van business • School Transport • Agricultural, livestock, fruits vegetables and grocery transportation • Air, Marine and Sea Transport • Medical Transportation • Public Transportation

3. If I want to start a Goods Transport business of my own, what should I know about?

Goods Transportation is a very wide term, but one must keep the following information to get started: • Study the market and understand the demand and supply keeping a close watch on the prevailing competition • Legalities involved in the business • Model, Make, Type and Finances Required for the same • POSDC which means Planning, Organizing, Staffing, Directing and Controlling – Marketing strategies to undergo the business.

4. When it comes to staffing, who all should be there in my Team of Transportation?

Your Team of Transportation should comprise: • Drivers, Mechanics possessing a commercial license and who should be above 18 years of age. They should be properly trained with no criminal or illegal background • Customer Care executives and Accountants like CA, HR Personnel’s who can deal with customers and procure business for you. You should have someone to resolve customer queries. • Marketing and Advertising – It is imperative to announce your product and service in the market to thrive in the market for which a strong team is required.

5. What is a business loan?

A Business loan is a medium term loan which is unsecured that is given by our bank.

6. How long does it take to avail the loan to the client’s account?

The loan will be sanctioned within 3 days from the day of approval.

7. What are the documents we require to approve your loan application?

The client should submit their copy of PAN card, bank statement for the past 6 months and income tax copy.

8. Will I be able to run multiple transport services?

No. It is advised not to engage in such activities to refrain future repercussions.

9. Do we avail loan to clients with bad credit history?

It is impossible for everyone to have a perfect credit history. We do sanction loans to people who do not have a bad credit history in the near past.

10. When are the EMI due?

Our client is required to pay their dues every month.

11. Is there interest for the loan borrowed?

The client has to pay only the principal amount in monthly EMIs.

12. What is the age requirement of the applicant?

The applicant should be between 21 years and 65 years.

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