Love for pets, especially man’s best friend, the dog, is not new, and there is no shortage for dog lovers in the country. It was a nightmare for many pet owners to see these pets suffer due to their long working hours or frequent trips away from home. To fill this void, Pet Grooming and Pet Daycare Businesses have arrived as a profitable opportunity for many a dog lover in this country.

Mere love for dogs is not enough. Setting up a well-appointed Pet Daycare Center needs meticulous planning and execution.  It covers a range of services, including grooming, healthcare, and boarding arrangements. To run such a business profitably one needs to find the right environment and finance.

Groundwork for Pet Care Center:

Starting a pet-care center is not an easy task, and it will need much more than a passion for making it a viable business proposition. However, careful planning and attention to detail can not only do wonders to your passion but also make it a profitable enterprise. Let us check out the steps one by one.
  1. Proposed Services: It is a crucial aspect that will make or break your business. You have to look at what and how much you can handle rationally, and the interest of your prospective clients. A few minimum services to attract the clients are:
    1. Day and Long Term Boarding
    2. Dog Grooming and Spa
    3. Individual Playtime
    4. Medical care and medication administration
    5. Obedience training, especially applicable to pups.
    6. Pick and Drop Services for Pets.
  1. Size of Pet Care Center: The next crucial aspect that follows the types of services, is deciding on the size of your center and the number of pets you can handle. Often opt for a size with which you are comfortable.
  2. Pricing: You have to take a call on the pricing factor and check out if your clients are willing to pay the cost for pet-care or importantly. Can they afford the price asked? It is best to find a delicate balance that suits both.

Drawing up a Business Model for Pet-care Center:

The primary necessity for any business is to draw a draft business plan or a project that will not only helps run the business but, also essential for raising finance.
  1. Location: Depending on the size of the proposed center and the type of service offered, you need to locate your center with appropriate size considerations.
  2. The Hiring of Trained Staff: A certified dog trainer, a qualified veterinarian, and other support staff are essential. They must necessarily be compassionate pet lovers.
  3. Equipment and Utilities: You have to organize ample amenities suitable for pet-care, which will also include leashes and toys. Additionally, you must install a suitable computer system for maintaining records and running your business.
  4. Legal Compliances: It is one of the essential components of a viable business plan. Registrations and licenses are a must.
  5. Promotion: Like every other business venture, Pet Care is also subject to marketing and publicity. The best ambassadors for publicity are your satisfied clients. That apart, engaging in social media is another good option.
  6. Finance Projections: The most crucial aspect of a comprehensive business plan is the projected fund requirement and the ways to raise it. The expense areas are:
    1. Supplies
    2. Furnishing and Equipment
    3. The hiring of Personnel.
    4. Transport maintenance
    5. Working Capital

Options for Pet Daycare Business Loans:

In India, there is a scope of approaching different types of lenders for small business loans. To assist small business people with innovations for personalized products at competitive costs, Conventional Commercial Banks /NBFCs, Fintech enterprises such as Lendingkart, have opened up a window of options for them. The key benefits are:
  1. Online application process.
  2. Quick disposal of loan proposals.
  3. Collateral free business loans.
  4. No hidden costs.

Eligibility Criteria for Pet Daycare Business Loans:

  1. Businesses must be operational for at least six months preceding application for a loan.
  2. Quarterly turnover should exceed Rs.90K.
  3. The location of the business should not be in the negative list.
  4. Individual Proprietor, Partner, Private Limited, or Limited Liability Company.

Documents Required for Pet Daycare Business Loans:

At Lendingkart bare minimum documents are sought. For good measure, check the indicative list below:
  1. Aadhaar card of the Promoter.
  2. PAN card and other documents for KYC compliance.
  3. Proof of Business Existence.
  4. Copy of the Partnership deed if applicable.
  5. Copy of Business Incorporation if applicable.
  6. Financial statements and reports as per the lender’s request.

The application process for Pet Daycare Business Loans:

You are already aware that at Lendingkart, the loan cycle is entirely online. Let us check out the steps in sequence.
  1. Apply with personal, business, and proposed loan related information.
  2. After receipt of quote and acceptance, attach the requisite digital documents.
  3. Await sanction post evaluation of the submitted documents.
  4. Disbursal of the loan online.

Fee, charges, and other features of Pet Daycare Business Loans:

For any loan proposal, of prime concern to the borrower is the cost of capital and other redeeming features. After all, at one time, the loan has to be liquidated, and there should be no occasion for default.

Rate of Interest

System determined between 15% and 27%

Processing Fee

One-time after disbursal 1% to 2% of loan amount

Fore-Closure Fee



Maximum up to 36 months.

Repayment Method

EMI or fortnightly for faster liquidation

Pet Grooming and Pet Daycare Business Loans FAQs:

1. How much loan can you get at Lendingkart?

The permissible business loan amount is between Rs. 50K and Rs. 2Cr.

2. How much time does it take for business loan processing?

The maximum time taken for disposal of a loan proposal is 72 hours at Lendingkart. Other Fintech outfits also takes a similar time, which is far better than banks.

3. What are the types of business loan products offered at Fintech?

The common types of loans offered are: • Term LoanLine of Credit / OverdraftInvoice DiscountingMerchant Cash Advance

4. What is the security sought for business loans at Lendingkart?

Business loans at Lendingkart are unsecured; hence, there is no need for collateral.

5. How does CIBIL score impact your loan prospects?

Usually, banks follow strict CIBIL score norms and look for a rating of 650 and above. On the other hand, Fintech companies also depend on data analytics to determine creditworthiness. However, they directly impact the applicable rate of interest.

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