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In the contemporary world, mobile phones have become a necessity, and as their use increases, so will the need for their accessories. People are unable to survive for even a moment without them since they have become an essential component of our existence.

Numerous accessories are needed for mobile phones to boost performance and provide protection. This thereby creates a doorway for a significant commercial opportunity. Starting a business selling mobile phone accessories may be quite lucrative, but you need a solid plan for your venture. In this article, we will talk about various loans you can take for the accessories business that will get you back on the fast track towards success.

Types Of Loans Available for Accessories Business

  1. Business Loans-
    1. Many internet lenders provide short-term business loans for enterprises, including those that sell mobile accessories
    2. A small firm may borrow money using this financing and repay it quickly, typically at a lower total dollar cost than a loan with a longer period. The loan terms might last anything from three months to three years
    3. These online loans may be secured much more rapidly than a traditional bank loan; frequently, a candidate can apply in a matter of minutes and receive financing in a matter of days
    4. Mobile accessories business shops typically employ a short-term business loan to pay for facility renovations, inventory purchases, and marketing and advertising campaigns
  2. Business Line of Credit
    1. Accessing a line of credit with flexibility is possible with a business line of credit
    2. Lenders who offer this kind of financing are far quicker to approve applications and are more concerned with your company’s potential than your credit score
    3. These are like credit cards, but with speedier capital acquisition and a cheaper interest rate
    4. Payment, in this case, is based solely on the amount of credit used, not the whole amount
  3. Loans from NBFCs
    1. As a business owner, you are probably most familiar with the traditional loan as a funding alternative
    2. NBFCs loan often does not require any collateral, and the application process only takes 3 days. The loan terms might last upto three years
    3. LendingKart offers competitive interest rates; thus, many accessory business owners may qualify for loans easily to manage their cash flow.
  4. Small Business Administration Loans (SBA)
    1. In this case, your loan application is routed through the SBA, a government-approved agency, to one of its reputable lending partners
    2. Because they guarantee a percentage of the loan, they lend your application more weight. The SBA offers various small business loan options, each with restrictions
    3. Depending on your credit score, the interest rate is modest
    4. Even though the application procedure might take at least 90 days, the loan is SBA-guaranteed
  5. Financing For Required Equipment
    1. Equipment financing is an additional option for financing the acquisition of business-related equipment
    2. Any physical item required for daily operations might be considered equipment for a business. Mobile screens, headphones, covers, chargers, etc. are examples of this
    3. Many mobile accessories shops turn to equipment financing to modernize their shop’s equipment without depleting their financial reserves

Interest Rates for Loan for Accessories Business


17% p.a. onwards

Features of Loan for Accessories Business

  1. Many rapid loan companies impose processing fees on their loans. Depending on the business and the loan size, it might be between 1% and 5%.
  2. Most fast loan lenders permit foreclosure of the remaining loan balance for a small fee. There are lenders on the market as well that do not charge their clients any costs for foreclosure.
  3. The speedwith which the loan amount is disbursed is one of the distinguishing qualities of these loans. When it comes to fast loans, lenders often want a minimal number of documents. They can now disperse these loans in only a few hours, thanks to this. Other lenders guarantee loan disbursement within a short period, even for brand-new clients.
  4. Many companies that offer quick loans give their clients insurance protection against the loan amount borrowed. This insurance will assist these businesses in getting their money back if the consumer experiences a loss during the loan term.

Steps To Apply For Loan for Accessories Business

  1. Account Creation – Before applying for a loan, you must register on Lendingkart’s official website and create an account. You must provide your contact information, employment information, past credit information, and income information here. Additionally, the supporting files for this material must be submitted.
  2. Document Verification – The lender will examine the supplied information and confirm the supporting records. This procedure is usually short and has little impact on how quickly loans are disbursed in businesses.
  3. Meeting The Eligibility Criteria – If you satisfy the requirements, the lender will immediately provide you with the loan money. You can use the loan money as you choose once it has been credited to your bank account.

Eligibility Criteria for Loan for Accessories Business



Business Vintage

Minimum 6 months


24 to 72 years

Minimum Business Sale

INR 1,00,000/Month

Documentation Required for Loan for Accessories Business

Proof Of Identity

PAN Card

Proof Of Address

Passport | Aadhar Card | Ration Card | Driving License 

Banking Documents

Bank account statements for the last 6 months.

Business KYC

GST Certificate

Choose the financing option that will be most effective for your circumstance to maintain your accessories business on the successful route. There is a lot to discover, but by being clear on what you want and why, you might be able to reduce your alternatives swiftly.

By assessing your options, identifying the best fit, and being prepared, you may make your company superior to your rivals.

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Loan for Accessories Business FAQs:

1. Are business loans readily available to self-employed people?

Various businesses on the market provide quick loans to independent contractors. These businesses evaluate applicants' creditworthiness and payback capacity using their income tax filings.

2. Is there a need to provide any collateral for these business loans?

No. Most business loans do not require any kind of collateral.

3. How can I apply for a business loan?

Many lenders in the industry provide their services online. You may apply online by visiting the lenders' websites. You may also go to these businesses in person to apply for a loan if they have a branch office close to where you live.

4. How can I calculate the EMI of a loan before applying for one?

Customers may determine their EMI amount using a lender's EMI calculator. To calculate the EMI for the required loan amount, you must enter several pieces of information, including the loan amount, duration, and interest rate.

5. Is it required that I tell the business of my financial activities?

No. Letting the business know how you are using the funds is not necessary. You can utilize it for any urgent financial needs.
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