e-PAN Card – How to Download & Reprint Duplicate e-PAN Card Online through NSDL/UTIITSL


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How To Download &Amp; Reprint Duplicate E-Pan Card Online Through Nsdl/Utiitsl

Individuals and entities can apply for a new PAN card or changes in an existing PAN Card online. PAN (Permanent Account Number) is required for financial transactions through banks and in filing tax returns. Individual taxpayers or entities, proprietorship firms, partnership firms, corporations, cooperatives, companies, and any form of entity that conducts financial transactions need to have a Personal Account Number.

Uses of e-PAN Card

A PAN card or e-PAN card is an important document of an individual or entity. The PAN records all financial transactions made with the account. In case an individual runs a business or organization, then there have to be separate PAN cards for individual and individual’s business or organization. Without a PAN card, almost any kind of financial transaction is crippled. In present times to open bank accounts, it is mandatory to have a PAN card.

The uses of PAN card are:

  • Serves as a primary document of identity of individual or entity
  • Do banks require a primary document for opening accounts
  • Aids ITD in collating TDS and TCS transactions in form 26 AS
  • Without pan card taxpayer cannot file IT returns.
  • Has to be supplied during financial transactions of a high amount
  • Prevents chances of fraud and misrepresentation and money laundering

The following details are stated in an ePAN card:

  • Permanent Account Number
  • Name
  • Father’s Name
  • Date of Birth
  • Gender
  • Photograph
  • Signature
  • QR Code

A person could be fined with Rs. 10000 if he or she is found to possess more than one PAN card in his name.

e-PAN Card download through NSDL

NSDL is the tax information network of the Income Tax Department of India. e-PAN card download facility is available online at the NSDL official portal.

PAN cardholders whose cards were processed through NSDL-e Gov or through Instant E Pan service one filing portal of ITD can download their e-PAN from the official website – https://www.onlineservices.nsdl.com/paam/MPanLogin.html .

Also, to use this facility, the individual user will first have to link the Aadhaar card with a PAN card – https://www.myutiitsl.com/PAN_ONLINE/ePANCard

Steps for download of E Pan card from NSDL:



Access the site

The site can be accessed by either the NSDL official portal or copy-paste of the given link on the internet search box.


Fill in the request form.

Once the site opens, the PAN cardholder will be able to see form for request of a reprint of PAN Card. The PAN cardholder will have to supply details in the required fields, namely:


§  Pan card number

§  Aadhar number (for an individual)

§  Date of birth

§  GSTN Number (optional)


Check the boxes

After furnishing the above details, the PAN cardholder would need to check the boxes in the terms’ agreement.


Enter captcha

Finally, the PAN cardholder would have to enter the captcha code visible on the screen. If the captcha code is unclear user can refresh the page by clicking on the refresh circular arrow icon to get a new captcha. After entering the captcha code users should submit a request by clicking on the submit tab.


Download e-PAN

User will now be able to download the e-PAN file on own computer. The site will provide password directions for opening the file. On supplying the password for opening the file user will be able to see the e-PAN card. Now user can take a printout of this document by the print command.


e-PAN Card download through UTIISL

UTI infrastructure technology and services Ltd, UTIISL extends the service of e-PAN card download.

The following users can download e-PAN from UTIISL:

  • Users who have applied for fresh PAN cards or have applied for changes in the existing PAN card through UTIISL.
  • Users who have registered an active mobile number/email id with their PAN records with ITD.

Steps for downloading e-PAN card from UTIISL:

  • Access the site – https://www.myutiitsl.com/PAN_ONLINE/ePANCard
  • Fill in details like PAN card number, DOB, GSTN (optional), and captcha.
  • Submit the form by clicking on the tab
  • Receive link on registered RMN/email id
  • Download e-PAN by clicking on the link and filling the sent OTP

How to Download ePAN by PAN and Date of Birth (same process for UTIITSL)

If the person does not possess an acknowledgment number, it is still possible for him to download the ePAn using his date of birth by following these steps:

Download Duplicate ePAN Card via Aadhaar Number

Through the NSDL e-Gov, the applicant can download his ePAN card using his Aadhar Card by following the below-mentioned steps:

  • He needs to visit –https://www.onlineservices.nsdl.com/paam/ReprintEPan.html
  • He needs to enter his PAN number
  • Enter Aadhar number
  • Using the MMYY format, he must enter his DOB
  • The optional step is to mention the GSTIN number
  • Read the declaration and proceed after agreeing with the terms and conditions.
  • Captcha code will appear which needs to be punched in
  • After clicking on submit, a new page with the PAN card details will appear.
  • The applicant must select the option to send OTP to the registered email or phone number
  • Step 10 – Enter the OTP and click on validate Step 11 – The request will be forwarded to NSDL immediately.

How to Apply for a Duplicate PAN Card Offline?

The applicant will have to follow the steps given below to apply for an OFFLINE duplicate PAN card:

  • The person must download and print the ‘Request for new PAN Card and/or changes or corrections in PAN data’ form.
  • He needs to fill the form and mention his PAN number
  • He should attach a self-attested photograph on the form
  • The form should be posted to the NSDL center with other important documents like identity and address proof
  • After making the payment, a 15-digit reference number will be provided when NSDL receives and reviews the form Step 6 – The application will be sent to the Income-tax PAN services unit and they will. Send the duplicate card within 14 days of verifying the details of the form.

How to surrender a Duplicate PAN card?

It is illegal to possess two PAN cards. So, one must be surrendered using the following method:

  • The applicant must write a letter to his assessing officer requesting for the surrender of your PAN Card mentioning the details of both the card.
  • He must clearly mention the card details which he wants to keep and which he wants to surrender
  • The letter must be handed over to the assessing officer who will give an acknowledgment number in return which act as proof that the PAN Card surrendered has been cancelled

Things to Know About Duplicate PAN Card Application

Some important points to bear in mind while issuing an ePAN Card or a duplicate PAN:

  • FIR should be filed in case the PAN card is lost a copy of it along with the application form should be sent to NDL.
  • If in India, the processing fee for these applications is Rs.110 including taxes and Rs. 1020 if outside India. Online payment can also be made to process the request
  • After the payment, an acknowledgment will be displayed which should be saved. This acknowledgment should further be sent to the NSDL e-Gov site.
  • In the case of a minor, the authentication of his or her Aadhar card is mandatory
  • A thumb signature would need authorization from a Magistrate or a Gazetted Officer or a Notary Public, with the official stamp and seal.
  • PAN card will be received at the address mentioned in Aadhar Card.
  • “Application for Reprint of PAN-Acknowledgement No” should be clearly mentioned on top of the request letter.

Instances when the need for Duplicate PAN Card Can Arise

There could be various reasons to apply for a duplicate PAN card which are:

  • In case of loss or theft
  • If the card has been misplaced & Damaged
  • If there is any kind of change of vital information like a change of address.

Damaged PAN Card Replacement

To replace a damaged card, the following steps should be followed:

  • He needs to visit https://www.onlineservices.nsdl.com/paam/ReprintEPan.html
  • He or She should fill the online PAN replacement form and submit the application.
  • Then fill in the corresponding box with the required changes if the PAN card is damaged (or) if any changes need to be made on the existing card
  • He/She must enter his PAN details and official address.
  • For new requests for a PAN card the applicant Aadhaar card details must be mentioned
  • He will receive an acknowledgment number which will mention details like Space for Signature, 15-digit unique acknowledgment number, Category of the applicant, Details of identity, age and address proof, Payment Details, Address for Communication, Permanent Account Number, Name of applicant, Space for Photograph, Date of Birth or Incorporation or Partnership, Father’s Name and Aadhaar Number.
  • The status of the new card can be checked through NSDL using the acknowledgment number issued.

Documents Required to Download PAN Card

The applicant needs to submit documents like:

  • Updated Aadhar Card
  • Updated Residential address
  • Voter id Card
  • Driving License
  • Utility Bills.

Who is Eligible to Download PAN Card

To be eligible to download an ePAN, one can be:

  • Resident type- An Indian or NRI Applicant with an updated Aadhar.
  • The correct mobile number which is linked to Aadhar
  • Individual taxpayer.
  • All international individuals covered who are employed in a foreign-investment company owned by an Indian Subsidiary.

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ePAN Card Download / Reprint Online/Offline FAQs:

1. Is the download of e-PAN Card chargeable?

The e-PAN card can be downloaded free of charge. However, if a hardcopy of the PAN Card is required from NSDL, then it can be obtained by a payment of Rs 50 in India and Rs 959 outside India. NSDL will get the PAN Card delivered at the applicant’s latest registered address with the IT department. e-PAN card confirmed by ITD in the last 30 days can also be downloaded from the UTITSL site free of cost. The site provides a download link that can be used three times to download e pan free of cost.

2. Is e-PAN Card accepted as an ID document?

Now for most purposes of furnishing ID, e-PAN Card is widely accepted. e-PAN Card is accepted as ID proof in most banks and corporations.

3. Within how many days e-PAN Card be downloaded?

E PAN Card can be downloaded from NSDL for new PAN Card applications or changes in PAN Card applications made to the IT department. PAN Card applicant can check the PAN Card application status online through the official PAN Card application portal. E PAN card can be downloaded for PAN Card applications confirmed by ITD in the last 30 days.

4. Can e-PAN be downloaded after 30 days of confirmation by ITD?

UTITSL site extends the facility of the e-PAN card’s download after 30 days of lapse from confirmation by ITD on a chargeable basis. Users will have to make an online payment of Rs 8.26 for every download of E pan card through the site for late access.

5. What information is provided in the e-PAN Card?

e-PAN Card can be of an individual or entity. e-PAN Card carries all the information like PAN Card. PAN Card and e-PAN card carry the unique permanent account number of the individual/entity, name of individual/entity, date of birth/incorporation, father’s name (in case of an individual), and PAN’s signature cardholder. The PAN card carries the official signature of the commissioner of Income Tax below the PAN card holder’s information.

6. What are helpdesk numbers available for e-PAN card download issues?

If the e-PAN card has been downloaded from the UTITSL site, then for any assistance or issue resolution, UTITSL has opened helplines. UTITSL helpdesk number for e-PAN card download is 033 40802999.

7. What is a person has lost his PAN and does not remember his PAN number?

If a person does not remember his PAN, he can use the facility of the”Know Your PAN” provided by the Income Tax Department through the official website of Income Tax Department.

8. What information can be asked to retrieve the PAN card number?

He may have to provide details likehis name, father’s name and date of birth to know his PAN details.

9. Is it possible to download an ePAn if there is no available acknowledgment number?

Yes, this can be done by mentioned the PAN number, Aadhar card details, DOB, GSTIN etc. This is applicable if the PAN card has been applied for more than 30 days on the NSDL site or by filing for the same on the Income Tax portal

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