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Ahmedabad is one of Gujarat’s most efficient cities in terms of business and economy. Being the industrial center, it cosplays as the trade hub of the country. The infrastructure and manufacturing progress recorded in the past decade is commendable. Ventures in this field have seen an increase among the people. New micro, small and medium enterprises are cropping up in Ahmedabad, which is seen to boost the country’s rank on the global front. It is only natural for business loans to be popular, as new organizations are setting the ground here.

Commerce has proven to be one of the strengths points for the city. Experimental start-up ideas have overtaken the traditional way of leading a business. Therefore, the trend of unsecured or collateral-free loans is being adopted by many newcomers. Banks and NFBCs (Non-Banking Finance Companies) specialize in providing the required financial support for the upcoming business undertakings. As per reports and surveys, it is noted that more than 70 percent of new entrepreneurs need loans to pull through their business.

There are quite some reasons why business loans are in demand.

  1. To improve the rate of development.
  2. To pile up on the diminishing inventory stock.
  3. To upgrade the credit/ CIBIL scores.
  4. To resolve employee salary issues.
  5. To restore the business investment.

Requirements for a business loan

Materials needed for starting a business loan will all require capital, and hence it is a very important necessity for start-up companies. The EMI to be paid is completely based on the company’s economic condition. Business loan eligibility is calculated by the financial institutions based on the following points:

  1. Type of the business- Proprietorship, Partnership, Pvt Ltd or Public Ltd.
  2. Turnover of the business: It acts as a necessary option to know if the business loan will be paid with interest. The amount of money loan assigned by the authorities will vary.
  3. Profit of the business: This mostly determines the capability of the company to repay the said loan amount.
  4. Cash flow of the business: Similar to the business’s profit, it deduces the way the company works.
  5. Track record and affairs of the business: To assess the experience in the field, the business vintage is taken into accord.

Other requirements for the same are:





Business Vintage

At least 3 years, with 5 years experience in this field


685 and above

Work Status

Self-employed individuals, proprietors, and partnerships involved in manufacturing and trading

Age at application

24 years

Age at maturity

70 years

Minimal Annual Income (ITR)

1.5 lakh rupees per annum

Minimum Turnover

Rs. 25 lakhs

Entrepreneurs and business moguls can create job vacancies for many; hence, it is important to uplift them as a whole. The country’s GDP is heavily dependent on the profits and business transactions. Financing factors such as the credit score, financial status, and alternatives should also be considered. With the newer developments, the business loans get instant approval, within 15 days as well.

Documents to be submitted to avail of a business loan are as follows:

  1. Pan card
  2. KYC documents
  3. ID and Address Proof of the company.
  4. Proof of ownership of office or residence.
  5. Proof of continuity of business which includes:
    1. The total turnover of the business
    2. Cash flow in business
    3. Profit of business  
  6. Active Bank account of the company.
  7. Bank Statement of 6 Months.
  8. Balance Sheet & P&L Account for the last 2 years, certified by a CA
  9. Qualification Proof of the Highest Professional Degree
  10. Proof of Continuation (Trade license / Establishment /Sales Tax Certificate)
  11. Other Mandatory Documents (Sole Proprietorship – Declaration, Partnership – Copy of Partnership Deed, Apart from Copy of MOA, AOA & Board Resolution)
  12. Last two years’ ITR.
  13. Latest CIBIL score.
  14. Valid statement of the computation of income.

With all the documents set and eligibility criteria fulfilled, you can immediately apply for the application form. The steps to get loans are:

  1. Online application with details.
  2. Document submission with loan eligibility.
  3. Verification of submitted documents.
  4. Post-approval with loan sanction.
  5. Disbursal of the required business amount.

The maximum amount of business loans can vary depending on the financial institutions. Rs. 15 to 50 lakhs are the range of amount of business credits. Loan tenure can extend about 5 years for a single loan. If your business loan application is accepted, the sanctioned loan amount will be distributed within a few days. The quick combination of cash through business finance enables you to make necessary purchases and payments on time ensuring smooth business functioning.  

Collateral loans are provided to any customer and are mostly taken as business loans for start-up companies. It offers the owner or the loan borrower flexibility as there is no pledged collateral or asset. And the repayment is made in installments to reduce the pressure on the loan facility feature. In some loan-giving companies, the tenor has also been adjusted to the borrower’s comfort. There are no exact usage restrictions either as the business loans can be used as working capital loans to boost the company’s production or as for the expansion of the same.

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Business Loan in Ahmedabad FAQs:

1. Can anyone get a business loan?

Any self-employed professional is eligible to get a business loan.

2. What is the business turnover ratio?

The turnover ratio is the ratio used to determine the amount of any asset used by a business to generate revenue through sales.

3. Is the cash flow of the company considered while applying for a loan?

Yes, especially in collateral-free loans, turnover and cash flow make up for the pretty basic eligibility criteria.

4. What are the business loan interest rates in Ahmedabad?

The interest rates can vary from 12 to 21 percent depending on the bank or NFBCs. The lowest recorded interest rate in Ahmedabad is 8.30 percent.

5. How are business loans repaid?

All business loans are reimbursed through EMIs (equated monthly installments) from the borrower’s bank account.

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