S2 E7 – The ABC of Lendingkart – Acquisition, Business Strategy & Collaboration

Being a #founder means embracing uncertainty, dancing with #risk, and defying conventional wisdom, all while leading with unwavering #conviction. Being a founder means shouldering the weight of not just one’s own #dreams, but also the #aspirations of a team that places its trust in the #leader.

Right now, our country is riding a massive wave of #entrepreneurship, and it’s the perfect time to discover the secrets behind the #startup universe. And guess what? #LendingkartxUpwards has been a major milestone for us this year! Can you imagine the epic #story behind its inception?

So, if you’re eager to know how this incredible journey began and what lies ahead in the treasure trove of the future, you won’t want to miss a beat. Tune in to episode 7 of #TheLendingkartShow with Harshvardhan Lunia, Abhishek Soni, Nimesh Verma and host Ram Deshpande NOW!
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S2 E6 – Simplifying Compliance and Regulations

If you get overwhelmed just by the mere mention of ‘compliance’ and/or ‘legal’….we’ll sort this one out for you! In Episode 6 of #TheLendingkartShow, join Kiran Singh – Senior Director of Compliance, Kumudini Aggarwal – General Counsel & Company Secretary, with our host Ram Deshpande – Chief Marketing Officer as they deep-dive and simplify compliance and regulations in fintech!

S2 Ep 5 – Maintaining a good portfolio quality without sacrificing profitable growth

Get ready to flex your financial muscles because a brand-new episode of #TheLendingkartShow is here! This week we’re diving into the secrets of maintaining a high-quality portfolio without sacrificing growth and profits. Join Sundar Gosakan – Chief Credit and Risk Officer, Umesh Bhimani – VP Data Science, and host Ram Deshpande – Chief Marketing Officer as they share their top tips and tricks for balancing risk and reward in the lending game. From savvy underwriting strategies to clever portfolio diversification, we’ll explore all the tools you need to keep your portfolio healthy and thriving. Tune in to The Lendingkart Show – where Finance meets Fun!

S2 E4 – Coding Finance: The Power of Engineering in Fintech

So let’s take a step back into time for a moment….did you know that the oldest computer can actually be traced back to Adam and Eve. It was an apple but with an extremely limited memory. Just 1 byte. And then everything crashed. Today however, technology has and will continue to evolve at a breakneck speed. None more so than finance, which has underwent a couple of revolutions already in the last decade! At Lendingkart too, we’ve been able to create an impact that has positively changed the lives of many entrepreneurs…only because of our emphasis on solving for finance through technology! That however comes with a unique set of new challenges that need solving for, every day – Enter, Engineers! While there was something about Mary, today there’s something about techies that gets us all going, Wow! In this episode we’ll take you closer to the trenches and build some solid perspective on why engineers rock! Join Nitin Shiralkar, Parthasaradhi Buraga, Shivendra Singh with host Ram Deshpande take you through all the lit tech that’s revolutionizing finance! Tune in now. We promise, by the end of this episode, you’ll have a newfound appreciation for the power of engineering in fintech.

S2 E3 – Recipe for building a kick-ass tech team

Attention all entrepreneurs, innovators, and change-makers!! Are you tired of mediocre teams holding you back? Are you ready to learn the recipe for building a kick-ass team that will take your organization to new heights? What are you waiting for? In this episode of #TheLendingkartShow you’ll get a taste of what it takes to be a good leader and how to create a team that can deliver amazing results while having fun along the way. From making sure the team resonates with the purpose of the brand to organizing regular training sessions to be kept up to date with new tech, from maintaining transparency and clarity in communication to giving them the freedom to try and fail, from unique cross functional programs to challenging and exciting opportunities, from providing a culture of inclusivity and encouraging to ask questions to easy access to senior leadership… Asit Kumar, Giridhar Yasa and our host Ram Deshpande talk about everything that truly makes an organization a #GreatPlaceToWork.

S2 E2 – Building the Future of lending: The intersection of Tech and Data to solve complex challenges

Not a Tech whiz… but want to take your Fintech game to the next level? In this episode, Manish Bhatia and Dhanesh Padmanabhan join host Ram Deshpande to explore the intersection of tech and data to solve complex challenges in the lending industry. We’ll be demystifying terms like Data Portability, Embedded Financing, Programmable Money, Machine Learning, and Adaptive AI so that you can understand the latest innovations that are revolutionizing the lending industry. From AI-powered underwriting to blockchain-based loans, we’ll be exploring the technologies that are changing the game for borrowers and lenders alike.


S2 E1 – Disrupting Fintech: Creating The Future of Lending with Harshvardhan Lunia

Whether you’re a seasoned investor or just starting out on your financial journey, The Lendingkart Show is the perfect place to learn, laugh, and get inspired. We’re kicking off Season 2, with none other than Mr. Harshvardhan Lunia, Founder, and CEO of Lendingkart. From the rise of digital lending to the future of financial technology, no topic is off-limits on this informative and entertaining podcast. Hear more about Lendingkart’s insights, and know more about how it’s revolutionizing the way small businesses access funding. Tune in right away!


Episode 9: In conversation with Vikram Gandhi, Head – Account Operations & Admin-Finance

In the new episode of the Lendingkart Leadership Podcast, Vikram Gandhi, popularly known as Vikram uncle takes us through his professional journey spanning 40 years, his role at Lendingkart, his top moments, and his new year resolution!

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Episode 8: In conversation with Sandeep Sonpatki, Chief Business Officer – Platforms, Lendingkart

Sandeep Sonpatki, the Chief Business Officer – Platforms, at Lendingkart discusses the Lendingkart tech platforms in detail, discloses his fav one, takes us through his 20-year-long professional journey, and reveals the name of his biography in this exciting new episode of the Lendingkart Leadership Podcast. Listen to the podcast now!


Episode 7: In conversation with Dhanesh Padmanabhan, Chief Data Scientist, Lendingkart

Dhanesh Padmanabhan, Chief Data Scientist at Lendingkart talks about the importance of data, how it’s evolving, the role of data in the financial sector, and his passion for motorbikes! Listen to this new episode of the Lendingkart Leadership Podcast now!

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Episode 6: In conversation with Abhishek Singh, Chief Business Officer, Lendingkart

In the new episode of the Lendingkart Leadership Podcast, Abhishek talks about his role at Lendingkart, his love for books, food, podcasts, and his lifelong passion for sports.

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Episode 5: In conversation with Dillip Ranjan Rout, Chief Collections Officer, Lendingkart

In the new episode of the Lendingkart Leadership Podcast, Dillip talks about the different qualities needed to become a collections specialist, his journey from advertising to Fintech, his plans for Collec10, and his love for trekking.

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Episode 4: In conversation with Giridhar Yasa, Chief Technology Officer, Lendingkart

Giridhar Yasa a.k.a Simon talks about his role in detail, his most complex innovation at Lendingkart, his love for design, and his reasons for joining Lendingkart!

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Episode 3: In conversation with Asit Kumar, Chief Human Resources Officer, Lendingkart

Asit talks about the culture at Lendingkart, his plans to increase employee engagement, his favorite memory at the workplace, and his take on how the world is going to end! All this and much more in this episode.
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Episode 2: In conversation with Manish Bhatia, President – Technology, Analytics & Capabilities, Lendingkart

Manish wants to have dinner with Elon Musk and get to know all the tech secrets behind the empire! This and many more interesting insights on Web3, the growth of blockchain, the robust tech at Lendingkart, and the three most important gadgets he cannot live without! Check the podcast out now!

Episode 1: In conversation with Harshvardhan Lunia, Founder and CEO, Lendingkart

He was in a successful bank job in London, when he decided to quit and move back to India to start Lendingkart. Harshvardhan Lunia, in our Lendingkart Leadership Podcast shares the story of Lendingkart, his reason for investing in a start-up for MSMEs, how he manages a hectic life and his sources of gossip in office!

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