1. Why should I use Lendingkart Group?

  • Get Credit Evaluation done and instant loans through our Group NBFC and use it to:

    ✔ Grow Business exponentially.

    ✔ Avail cash discount.

    ✔ Participate in online fests.

    ✔ Manage cash flow gaps.

2. What if I don’t need the funds right now?

  • Get evaluation done now and again approach to the Group NBFC for disbursement of funds when needed. Funds get disbursed by the NBFC in 24 hours.

3. What is the minimum/maximum amount that I can get?

  • From Rs. 50,000 upto Rs. 1 crore.

4. How much time does it take to get credit evaluation done?

  • Our Group NBFC takes 1 to 3 working days.

5. What all documents do I need to submit to get credit evaluation done?

  • Bank and VAT statements.

6. What are the repayment options available to me?

  • Our Group NBFC offers the options of biweekly and monthly repayments.

7. How do I pay the installments?

  • Through NACH or other prescribed modes to our Group NBFC wherein your account will automatically get debited on due dates.

8. What would be the duration of loan?

  • Our Group NBFC offers loans with durations anywhere between 1 month to 1 year.

9. On what basis the sanctioned limit will be determined?

  • Based on your online revenue and limit gets enhanced with increase in revenues.

10. Are there any hidden charges?

  • There are no hidden charges. Our Group NBFC levy only one time processing fee equal to 2% of the sanctioned amount.

11. Are there any pre-closure charges?

  • Our Group NBFC don't levy any pre-closure charges.

12. How secure is my information?

  • For Lendingkart Group, data security is of utmost priority. All of your data is kept strictly confidential.

13. Why should I arrange loans through Lendingkart Group if I have OD or CC limit?

  • You should choose Lendingkart Group NBFC because credit evaluations, loan disbursements are done quickly without the need of any collateral or tedious paperwork.

14. Are there any charges on renewal of cycle?

  • No, so far as the sanctioned limits remains the same.