30 Ways To Earn Extra Income From Home In India


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Ways To Earn Extra Income From Home In India


With the current pandemic situation creating uncertainty, many people have lost the ability to go out and work physically. It is where the work-from-home culture stems from. Now, you have endless opportunities in terms of online jobs that pay well enough for you to be following your passions on the side. 

In the following article, we have curated a list of 30 ways to earn extra income from home in India.

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30 Ways to Earn from Home in India

  1. Freelancers: They earn significant amounts of money by offering services to employers for short periods. An employer can avail services of a freelancer for different purposes depending upon the area of expertise of the freelancer
  1. Virtual Assistants: Virtual assistants are people who help companies in performing a variety of jobs in running their business properly. By being employed as a virtual assistant, you can earn enough experience for your own venture and apply for a business loan in time.
  1. Bloggers: Blogging is another way of earning money at home by creating content regarding your hobbies and passions. You can work around your preferred hours and earn quite an income in return.
  1. Product Testers: Product testers are employed by companies launching new products in the market. One of the most critical stages of a product launch is testing. Companies are willing to shell out a good amount of money to pay for product testers.
  1. Airbnb Hosts: Hosting your living spaces under Airbnb is also a great way to earn money at home. Travelers and tourists are your target customers and are willing to pay a reasonable fee for accommodation and other services.
  1. Professional Gamers: If you are fond of online gaming, you can get paid as a professional online gamer. It is a great way to start earning along with enjoying your job. 
  1. Tutors: Online tutors are a new wave for children and adults alike. People are moving towards taking online courses and classes teaching several different skills and techniques. This job gets you paid a hefty amount depending on your teaching skill.
  1. Online Teachers: Online teachers provide curriculum knowledge and training to students studying a particular academic course. In the pandemic when physical contact is being avoided, schools and colleges have started hiring online teachers who teach students virtually and get paid in return.
  1. E-Commerce Sellers: E-commerce is a platform that employs a lot of people who work from their homes. If you have a product that has passed all the stages of testing, you can sell it on an e-commerce website and earn money from your sales.
  1. Social Media Influencers: If you are inclined towards social media and find yourself giving advice and suggestions online, then you can work as a social media influencer. You can work as a finance guru advising people on types of loans such as gold loans, MSME loans, SME loans, etc.; the possibilities are endless.
  1. Proofreaders: You can work from home as a proofreader. On some platforms, you can earn by the hour and get a significant amount each day. It is a great way to utilize time if you like reading copies.
  1. Financial Advisors: People are always in need of sound financial advice, and an online financial advisor is highly convenient to avail of services. You can advise on working capital loans, home loans, education loans, loans for women, etc., and get paid handsomely in return.
  1. Baby-Sitters: People who are comfortable around babies can convert their love into income by being employed as babysitters. People pay reasonable amounts for experienced babysitters who have favorable references.
  1. Podcast Hosts: Podcasts are a great medium to talk about the things that you love and are passionate about. By starting a podcast, you can earn money on a daily basis by using your skills of talking and influencing people who are listening in. 
  1.  Online Interns: For the betterment of your future or the advancement of your skills, online internships are available on various platforms with several different skills ad fields of knowledge. You can become a professional in your chosen field as well as earn money on the side. 
  2. Researchers: Experienced and referenced researchers are also paid handsomely by companies. You can be an online researcher working for consumer markets and industries looking to conduct research for their products or services before manufacturing. 
  1. Home Bakers: Home bakers earn money by selling bakery goods to people in person or online through various platforms.
  1. Car Renters: If you have a car, you can be a host and rent out your car for various purposes. This way, you can make money by lending out your car to people who require a vehicle.
  1. Entrepreneurs: If you have a great product or business idea, you can start your business and become an entrepreneur. It is the most productive way of earning money from home.
  1. Resume Writers: You can help people by writing or editing resumes as a living. This way, you can utilize your own experiences as a working professional and earn a living at home.
  1. Refurbishers: Old furniture can be reused if refurbished by a professional. If this is your area of interest, you can become a professional furniture refurbisher and earn a stable income at home. 
  1. Domain Buyers and Sellers: You can buy domain names and sell them at a profit while relaxing in the comfort of your homes. It is a great way to make money by employing your knowledge.
  1. Affiliate Marketers: Another great source of income is affiliate marketing. Being an affiliate marketer, you can refer customers to companies through links, media, and other social mediums.
  1. Website Testers: Like product testers, website testers are also employed by companies launching their websites for their products. You can work as a website tester and test websites for bugs. 
  1. Online Technicians: You can earn money from home by working as an online technical support person. This option is highly feasible for people who have experience working as technical support executivess in a company.
  1. Virtual Bookkeepers: If you have ample experience working as a bookkeeper, you can earn a good income from home as a virtual bookkeeper. Companies with limited funds and resources often hire virtual bookkeepers to work on their books at a nominal rate. You can advise your clients about bank overdrafts, loans, taxes, and many other things at a fee.
  1. Online Counselors: People dealing with mental illnesses can avail the services of an online counselor without leaving their comfort zone. If you are a licensed counselor and want to earn money at home, online counseling can be a good option for you.
  1. YouTubers: If you like to create interactive content online, YouTube can be your source of income. This option pays well if you are consistent in your uploads and create relatable and original content.
  1. Online Reviewers: Online reviewers review products, plans, media content, and many other things in exchange for a decided amount of money. Companies pay online reviewers for their experience and credibility when reviewing products and services.
  2. Video Editors: Video editing as a skill is very much in demand right now and can pay handsomely if you are experienced enough. You can work as a freelance video editor for companies as well as individuals.


In conclusion, working from home has a lot of benefits. It gives you the freedom to choose your work hours and enables you to decide how much you get paid. By opting for any of the 30 ways mentioned above, you can also have a career in which you work comfortably in exchange for getting paid well.

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