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Mukul Sachan

“Each data can be analysed at least in two domains minimum. Map the data to the domain you understand it best.”

Mukul brings to the table his expertise of detailed data analysis, be it complex financial statements or ‘seemingly simple’ bank statements. Mukul has an uncanny ability to identify patterns in unstructured data, identify relationships between two unrelated items – both at intuitive and technical level, which are of immense use in designing the Credit Scoring Model at LENDINGKART. He derives the skills from his prior experience of working as a Scientist at ISRO. After his B.E. in E&C, he pursued his MBA from IIM-Bangalore and had the experience of working with top management on Strategy, BD and Finance. As Director of Portfolio Management in a reputed firm from Bangkok, he managed the portfolio of properties in Bangkok and New Zealand. Mukul handles the function of designing the Decision System and the Operations at LENDINGKART. In his free time, Mukul racks his brain on technical analysis and astrology.

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