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How To Activate Your UAN Number Online


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UAN Activation Online

UAN decoded

UAN is abbreviation for Universal Account Number issued by the employees provident fund organization of India or EPFO. The UAN was launched in India by Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi on 1st of October 2014. EPFO achieved a gargantuan task of central synchronization of EPF accounts and making the EPF account and related services available online.

UAN of older employees

Prior to 2014, the EPF system was offline. Organizations that offer PF in salary component have a UAN. The UAN needs to be registered and activated on EPFO portal to start getting the benefits associated with online accounts. The best way to get a UAN is to ask the HR department or employer. The UAN is mostly printed on the salary slip.

However, if it is not printed you may put up a request and meanwhile make self efforts. You can visit the nearest EPFO office with your salary slip or call the toll free EPFO helpline number. UAN can be traced through PF member id which is most often printed on PF receipts, salary receipts, and other EPF submission documents of employers. If you know your PF member id you can also retrieve your UAN from the EPFO site through guided links.

UAN of new employees

UAN is issued by EPFO when an individual joins a job that offers PF benefits.

Usually newly joined need to submit all documents with HR and details submitted by HR to EPFO and UAN is issued. Once employee receives UAN, the same has to be registered and activated on EPFO site to get online accessibility to own EPF account. There is an option of UAN self generation on the EPFO website through Aadhaar linked with registered mobile number. It is best to clarify with a HR whether UAN will be received from office or has to be self generated by employee.

Documents required for getting UAN:

  • Identity proof (Aadhaar, passport, ration card, voter id card, driving license…..)
  • Address proof (Recent utility bill, bank account statement………)
  • Bank account information (IFSC, account number, address, MICR…)
  • Aadhaar number (Aadhaar linked to PAN and RMN)
  • PAN number

Advantages of UAN

The UAN sets the EPF account online and accords any time accessibility to employees to own EPF account. Once employee has registered and activated UAN on the EPFO portal several member benefits of online account become available. The member can check the status online, and withdraw full or part PF online (as per PF withdrawal rules). By giving a missed call on 9718397183, member can receive links to download the UMANG App on mobile and avail benefits of mobile EPF account. The UAN is a life time valid number. Even when job is changed UAN does not change, the linked PF member id is however assigned anew by the current employer.

UAN benefits capsule are as follows:

Online registration and activation of UAN

  1. Access the official EPFO website: the official site of EPFO – https://www.epfindia.gov.in/  can be accessed online. Type the address on the search bar or Google to get it and click on the address link.
  2. Locate on menu ‘Our services’: As soon as the portal is accessed the first page opens up with all the menus on the dashboard. Locate the menu ‘Our Services’ on the left most corner of the portal.
  3. Choose drop down to get ‘For employees’: Under the ‘Our services’ menu select ‘for employees’ from the drop down list.
  4. Choose ‘Member UAN/online services’: Make further choice and select ‘Member UAN/online services’ to reach the registration page.
  5. Enter UAN and self details: The page will ask for UAN, mobile number and PF member id in the relevant search boxes. Captcha needs to be entered where after PIN is received on RMN. The ‘I agree’ box on disclaimer has to be checked and OPT received on RMN needs to be entered in the box. The final step is to click on the validate OTP and register UAN box.
  6. Get password and logon to EPF account: The UAN activation password for accessing EPF account online is sent on RMN. User can login with this password and UAN number as member. The password can be changed by user and new password can be generated.

How to Active UAN Registration & Activation Online FAQs:

1. Is UAN valid for international staff/workers?

Several times workers or staff may be posted overseas on international assignments. During overseas stay the UAN remains valid and employer can continue to deposit PF in the employee’s account. Employee can access the EPF account with same ease as before if located in countries having operating SSAs.

2. Which countries have signed SSA agreements for EPF access with GOI?

The countries are: Belgium, Germany, Switzerland, Grand Duchy of Luxembourg, Portugal, France, Denmark, Austria, Netherlands, Hungary, Finland, Sweden, Czech Republic, Norway, Canada, Australia, Japan, Republic of Korea.

3. Is UAN valid for PPF and VPF accounts as well?

UAN is issued by EPFO. PPF and VPF are not under EPF organization. These are managed by separate organizations and so far linkage has not been established.

4. Does EPFO issue a passbook?

The member can download an e-version of EPF passbook from EPFO portal within six days after successful registration and activation of UAN.

5. What is UMANG by EPFO?

UMANG is mobile app by EPFO which members can download on their mobiles to access EPF accounts on the go.

6. How to locate nearest EPFO office?

If there is need to visit EPFO office in person, then nearest EPFO office location can be known through EPFO website links.

7. What is EPFO toll free number?

For any help, issues and concerns regarding EPF account or UAN, users and members can dial toll free EPFO number 1800118005 to get one o one assistance.

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