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Why Choose LendingKart for SME Business Loans

Micro, Small & Medium Enterprises (MSME) sector is still one of the highly underutilized segments in India and is extremely essential in developing socio-economic development in India. Currently, the MSME sector which includes the Khadi, Village & Coir industries has 51 million units in it and employs about 117 million people. It also contributes to about 7% of the GDP, provides 45% of the total manufacturing output and 40% of international exports.

That said, being a small business owner in India has its own set of difficulties, mainly because it usually involves paying out of your own savings for initial investment. About three out of four small businesses in India rely on personal savings or borrowings from family & relatives to start their business with. But what would you do if insufficient funds clamp your business’ potential growth?

While you could look into borrowing from the bank, the chances of your loan request being sanctioned are extremely slim if you do not have a really good guarantor. Thus, relying on a non-banking financial organization becomes extremely important and that’s where Lendingkart can help you. What is it that makes us one of the best SME Loans providers?

Why choose Lendingkart?

Lendingkart has SME & MSME Loans for businesses who are looking for quick finance in India. Using online processes, we help speed up the process of lending money to you.

  • Ticket Value up to Rs. 1 Crore

Bust that myth which says small businesses can’t get large loan amount. At Lendingkart, we have a flexible ticket price with starts at Rs. 50,000 and ends at Rs. 1 crore for short-term, intermediate or long-term financial needs. This is why, we are a preferred choice for MSMEs.

  • Apply for SME or MSME loans online

Like mentioned earlier, we know how small businesses in India are in need for quick financing options. By opting for Lendingkart’s online loan application, you can get your loan approved on the very same day if your documents are proper.

  • Quick Loan Approvals

Post document verification, your loans can be approved within 3 days to get you your loans when you need it. Thereby, making loan approvals the most hassle-free process as required for your growing business.

  • Collateral-Free SME Loans

Every business loan provided by Lendingkart is unsecured. This means that there is no need to park collateral with us and you can get your loan when you need it with minimal documentation.

  • Best Interest Rates

With the help of advanced financial data analytics, we calculate the best interest rates we can provide you with – fair and in accordance to your business’ capability to repay the SME Loan.

  • Flexible Repayment Tenure

At Lendingkart, you get to choose how you want to repay your business loan. Choose from a loan tenure of a month to a year and choose if you must repay through monthly, bi-weekly or equal monthly installments.

  • No Hidden Costs

Barring the upfront processing fee of 1-2% of your loan amount, SME Loans from Lendingkart do not have any hidden costs.

  • Zero Prepayment Costs

Once you have enough money to repay your loan before the loan tenure, you can do it any time you want after paying the first EMI – without any worries about penalties or charges.

So, all you need to do is visit our site and apply for an SME loan! Grow your business with Lendingkart’s SME loans. It’s time to turn your small business into a successful venture.

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